Fanatec CSLEWB+ and Formula V2



CSL Elite Wheel Base + Driver V662, engine V22

ClubSport steering wheel Formula V2 Driver V28

CSL Elite Pedals LC

PC Driver V346

Hello, I had no force feedback at F1 2019 for the last few days. I then reinstalled the driver and performed the firmware update. So far everything goes. But I only have the problem that before, as soon as I got to the end of the steering lock. the steering wheel was increasingly difficult to steer. This is now completely gone. Especially at low speeds or when the vehicle is stationary, it feels too smooth. My settings are in the tuning menu:

SEN 360

FF 100

SHO 100

ABS 60

DRI -1

FOR 100

SPR 100

DPR 100

BRF 50

FEI 50


I would like the more I give in, the more stubborn it gets, the more difficult it becomes. What can that be?

Greetings Sascha

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