CSL Elite Wheelbase Issue - FFB turns off and power button flashes red.

Hi guys

Having a problem with my CSL elite base, when playing on ps4 (GT Sport, AC and Project cars) and on PC (iRacing), both my elite P1 wheel and F1 e-Sports wheel have the same problem with the base - when racing, mid race the force feedback just cuts out and goes desperately weak, and then the power button starts flashing red. When i pause the game on PS4, the wheel starts violently turning to the right too. The wheel still functions when the ffb cuts out but the input has no power whatsoever. Does anyone know what this may be?

Appreciate any thoughts

Thank you


  • Ask a ticket for FANATEC... I think motor can have an issue.

    The Fan run correctly ?

  • I have asked for a ticket, but yet to receive anything back. I think the fans are working correctly as there hasn't been an increase in noise or anything like that.

    Reluctant to have a look inside or anything as the base is still under warranty.

  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator

    Which driver/firmware are you currently running?

  • The driver and firmware are as followed:

    PC Driver: 328

    Wheelbase Firmware: 630

    Wheelbase Motor Firmware: 18

  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator

    Can you try updating to 346 and see if that helps ? I would also remove the steering wheel and update the base first.

  • Could you please link to 346, I am very bad at navigating the downloads on the Fanatec websites!

  • When you read this, scroll up and on the right you will see beta drivers, and there you will find 346

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