DD1 and csl elite wheel

Iracing (and in windows)

shatever I do

led display flashes

and wheel buttons do not respond quickly enough

got all latest drivers on motor base and wheel

clue less

looks like the wheel is not 100% compatible with dd1it was running good on my csl elite base

recheck all connections...wheel is firmly inserted...no v »bented pins...



  • Delete all profiles and remap buttons again for the DD1. I see you used the same USB cable / connection for the DD1 when you exchanged it with the CSL Elite.

  • sorry...could you explain a little more...delete all S1-S5 profile on my wheel?...remap button for th dd1...how is it done?...when i received thge DD1...i simply used all wires that came with the DD1...usb (from DD1 to pc...new rj12 to pedals...and the moment i sled the wheel (csl wheel) on the DD1...from the first day) the led display been flickering...and buttons are not as precise as they were...same deal for paddle shifetrs on the wheel....looks like a low voltage issue to the wheel...do not know...

  • led display on the wheel i'M talking

  • You might have plugged the DD1 in the same USB port the CSL Elite was connected.

    Change USB port, start iRacing then remap buttons. I racings tends to exactly remember on which USB port the buttons were mapped.

    To delete profiles, delete controls.cgf in documents / iRacing

  • well...ok...but iRacing aside....is it normal my display is flickering...exact same problem somebody else is having on his setup...found video on youtube..that guy never had any help on that problem either.....here is what i'm taking about...


  • well its a popular problem...no news on solution...and seeing i'm not alone on missing shift in the games... https://forum.fanatec.com/discussion/1695/blinking-led-on-csl-elite-p1-wheel-attached-to-dd1

  • It's a known firmware issue that the display and Revstripe of the P1 wheels are flashing and that it misses button inputs.

    Should be fixed with the next firmware.

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