How are all DD1 settings related (hw/sw)?

I'm getting confused as there are just too many places that I can change FFB settings for my DD1.

So first there is iRacing, then there is Fanalab, and then there are the settings in the wheel itself.

How do the settings in the wheel relate to the rest? For instance if I find a post here with recommended settings for iRacing and Fanalab, what do they presume the settings inside the DD1 to be? Or are they overridden by Fanalab?



  • FanaLab settings = Tuning Menu settings, they are always the Very same.

  • But you have 5 "presets" in the tuning menu of the DD wheel. Which one is being used then?

  • The one you also have selected in FanaLab ;)

    Hard to explain, you should just try, it’s self explaining

  • It's quite cool that you see the sliders move in Fanalab as you make changes on the wheel.

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