McLaren GT3 V2 loosing Torque


did somebody had the same issue like me? If i play ACC with my new McLaren on my DD1, it happens that i lost the torque from the DD sometimes If i drive very hard over some curbs and have to correct my line. Suddenly DD says "Attention Enable torque" and i have no FFB until i Press a button. Same message If you connect a wheel to the running Base. It happened with symplified QR and also with normal QR. Low Torque on DD or High torque. It seems to be a Software issue, because i didnt had this Problems in automobilista 2 for example. Until now.

PC driver 381

Wheelbase FW 680

Motor FW 40

Wheel FW 38

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  • When you say normal QR... Do you mean the ClubSport QR?

  • Yes the CSQR

  • You also have high torque available when you use the plastic QR?

  • No, If i connect with plastic QR the DD1 goes into low torque mode. Only the metal QR allowes high Torque. But i tested both with high torque key plugged and unplugged to the DD.

    So it seems to be that every combination can result in loosing torque.

  • Played few hours iRacing and AMS2, no such kind of issue, at least not yet.

    I have ACC but it´s not so good with VR and don´t offer anything over those two games.

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    Yes, I am getting exactly the same problem with a DD1 with ACC.

    The torque just switches off with the message "To prevent system damage" on the DD1 display.

    It is fine for a few laps, then then it will just switch the torque off mid-corner. The message does not seem to appear if I limit the torque to something like 3nm, but I cannot be sure about that. But once it starts, it will do in on nearly every corner.

    This is with the CSL QR (I am waiting for the CSQR). It is locked in Low Torque mode and in that mode, the maximum torque I can see is 6.9nm on the display. So nothing is out of limits for the CSL GT3 v2.

    When I revert back to the Formula Carbon, there are no issues, this is not an issue with the DD1 base. This is a problem with the GT3 V2 unfortunately.

    Latest drivers and firmware for all equipment.

  • OK, so it seems to be there is a FW or Driver issue with DD1 and McLaren Wheel.

    I have the same Feeling about less Torque and the issue. More torque means also faster issue...

    I have a Support Ticket open. Will tell them that other people have the same issue. Maybe they will Check Software.

  • Nice one Sven. I have made a ticket too. I'm sure we'll get a response first thing in the New Year.

  • Yesterday i had the same issue on Rfactor2. And with same symptoms like you. After the first time the DD told me that torque was disabled to prevent the simplified Quick Release for damage, i could Press a button for getting torque back. But after that it was in every corner until DD was shutting down.

    And this all happened with DD in Low Torque Mode. Rf2 was Set to 100% and wheelbase to 90% in Low Torque.

    I also tested ACC again. If FFB in ACC is set to 95% i can go on the wheelbase up to 65%. No issue. This ist about 6nm max. I can drive like that, but prefer 1-2 nm more with that wheel.

    Hope there will be a solution soon.

  • I have exactly the same problem with DD1 and Mclaren GT 3 V2 wheel in AC!

  • Fanatec asked for a video of the event, which is too difficult given the event is intermittent and over in seconds.

    However, what I have noticed is that the CSL QR actually works its way back a few MM. Eventually, it reaches a point where the connections are loose which is what I think is triggering the torque loss and the message. Each time I get the issue can re-seat it and the problem goes away until it works its way back again.

    So my conclusion is that the CSL QR is not suitable for the Podium base. I have now received my CS QR, which I will tryout in the next day or so. If I don't experience the issue, then I think we can blame the CSL QR.

  • I have now received my CS QR, which I will tryout in the next day or so. If I don't experience the issue, then I think we can blame the CSL QR.

    Please keep us updated.

  • I think the metal QR will Work. After fanatec told me to fasten all screws on the wheel. Also the ones on the wheel and the screws next to the connector Pins, it works.

    The simplified Quick Release now works also, but not like the Manual says. I fasten the nut on the DD only a bit. Then attach the wheel with the plastic QR. Fasten the QR. But then, i fasten also the nut on the DD. In the quick guide they tell you not to do so. But If i do this, the connection between wheel and base is very stiff and i dont lose connection anymore.

    10nm Low torque ist no Problem anymore.

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    OK i'll try it on my SQRA too. Hope it will solve the problem.

    Thank you for your help so far...i'll let you know soon.

  • Thanks for the update Sven,

    I was petrified of compressing the rubber ring on the DD1, so I followed Fanatec's advice to the letter. But I agree, I think there is insufficient grip to keep the wheel secure in Low Torque mode.

    My V3s have died so I cannot try anything! Hoping to get a replacement PCB sent as soon as they are back in the office, so no more updates from me for the time being :(

    Happy New Year all!

  • Tightening the screws on the wheel around the connector pins and on the SQRA ( new CSL QR) did not work for me.

    I'm still loosing the FFB on higher torque situations frequently with the message on DD 1 display "Attention Enable torque" . 

    It's only happening with the McLaren GT3 V2 wheel SQRA. I made a test run ( same scenarios) with the CSL WRC wheel SQRA and the CS Formula wheel and had no issues at all.

    So i think the issue is McLaren V2 wheel related. Perhaps it appears only on some wheels, because i don't find simular threads on other forums yet.

    I will contact the support and hope on a fast solution. 

  • Hi All,

    Had exactly the same issue while playing ACC.

    During a 30 min race, all was fine except one time when I missed a corner and went wide (Gravel, etc...). The peak of FFB disabled the FFB until it says "Attention Enable torque" and I Press a button to enable High Torque.

    (I have CS Quickrelease on a DD1). Basically only the peak of Torque disabled the FFB for about 30 seconds.

    I can assure you I made sure I didn't do any mistake afterward, being afraid it might shut down🤣

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    I have the exact same issue with the WRC wheel on Podium F1 (DD1). It will work flawlessly for about 1~1.5 hours and then the tripping happen on a random mid corner. It is very, VERY annoying.

    No problems whatsoever using the Formula V2, I can race for 5 hours straight and the only thing giving up are my arms.

    Such a shame, I'm really enjoying Dirt 2.0 with the WRC wheel.

  • To me, it is a design issue with the new simplified QR. Once I fitted the CSQR, not a single issue. Flawless. I think Fanatec should state that the SQR is not compatible with the DD1/2 at this time.

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    On DD1 this happens:

    Lost the connection to base midrace and noticed the wheel had backed up by 1-2cm.

    Maybe you have the same issue and it just gets poor contact and thats why the torque switches off.

    No issues with the Clubsport QR.

  • Same issue started to develop here my with DD2 + McLaren V2 GT3 wheel in ACC. Everything was fine for 2 months before that...I do not have the CSQR or QR release and already confirmed that the wheel is properly secured to the base. Nothing more frustrating to race for 45 mns, still be in the lead only to lose all FFB for no reason and drop to last. Did anybody get a resolution from Fanatec before I opened a ticket and lose one week for a response? Thx

  • I do not think it is a problem with the QR, or only with the Podium bases. I have a new CWS 2.5 + McLaren V2 and I am having the same problem. I don't get any messages like the podium, but when I'm making a long or tight corner, the FFB disappears and the steering wheel display restarts... I run out of FFB for a few seconds.

    Nor do I think it is a matter of strength ... since I did the test thinking that the rim could have faults in the contacts with the base, in the pins or something like that. So I put the FFB very high no matter the clipping and I did the test with the Mclaren V2... it did not fail any time, so I think it is not a matter of the connector either.

    The strange thing is that it only happens when I turn to the right, it has never happened to me when turning to the left.

    I tested the Mclaren V2 with the CSL Elite base in the same combinations where this problem started to happen to me, but nothing happened, I did not lose FFB at any time. Maybe I should try longer.

    If I use the CSL Elite rim with the CWS, it has not given me any problems either. It's the CWS + McLaren combination.

    The truth is that Fanatec has made me quite tired... it is already the second steering wheel to fail .. two purchases and two defective products. I foolishly thought that paying more would have better quality, but I paid more just to get defective products.

    I hope there is a solution for this, hopefully it is a driver or firmware issue... tomorrow I will start testing with other drivers.

    The problem began to occur in a race in Raceroom, then in iRacing which is the simulator that I use the most... and already in a race it was very unpleasant and I almost killed another driver when going parallel in a curve... I can no longer use the McLaren V2 for racing for fear of crashing someone. I have a new wheel that is only used as a paperweight.

    Very disappointed with Fanatec.

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