ITM not displaying properly

Hello, i recently bought a DD1 and a clubsport steering wheel porsche 911 GT3R Suede.

I am so far very pleased with the products i ordered. The quality is awesome !

Somehow, i have a problem displaying properly the ITM on the podium button module Endurance.

I have a windows 10 (x64) operating system.

I have downloaded the drivers for DD1, and updated every firmware as following :

Wheel Base Firmware : 680

Wheel Base Motor Firmware : 40

Steering Wheel Firmware : 15

Wireless Quick Release Firmware : 6

The Fanatec Wheel Property Page says every firmware is up to date.

I have also downloaded FanaLab.

ITM logo is both showing on podium Button Module Endurance and DD1.

I've also read all user guides for every components.

My problem is : 

I can only watch ITM displays on DD1. If i use Tuning Button and Funky Switch (top) to activate ITM, it only renders on the Podium Wheel Base DD1.

Is there a way to "switch" between screens ?

I want to activate that ITM on my Podium Button Module Endurance, not the base...

"A bit more informations to help you help me resolve this"

Podium Wheel Base DD1 is showing properly ITM displays, while Podium Button Module Endurance only shows default informations in game.

"Pictures taken"

The picture IMG_20210109_134837 shows what i see when i power up the Podium Wheel Base DD1.

The picture IMG_20210109_134848 shows what happen when i press Tuning Button + FunkySwitch up (then right to select a setup). The podium endurance isn't displaying anything.

Please help me resolve this.

Best regards,



  • You have to press the tuning menu button and ROTATE or TURN the funky switch to access the ITM pages on the BME.

  • As described in the Quick Guide which is always worth a read :)

  • Thanks for the fast reply.

    I managed to switch the ITM page on BME.

    But for some reasons, tuning button (+any funky switch button) doesn't work anymore now.

    It's kinda stuck in a place, with ITM on BME and nothing on DD1.

  • I've read that guide. In fact, i've read all guides. I managed to get the ITM page on BME once.

    Now it's gone (i've closed fanalab) and can't manage to get it back.

    I just don't understand the "rotation of the funky switch". The joystick itself has couple of positions, and buttons.

    Right now i'm trying hard to get back that ITM page on my BME.

    I just don't get the principle of this "turn the button". Does this include getting all positions "clicking" in while you turn it ?

    Does this mean i shouldn't get any position "clicked" in but still turning it ?

    I'm a bit embarassed, but i really am having hard time figuring this out t_t

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    To scroll through the ITM pages on the BME just press and hold the Tuning Menu Button and then TURN the Funky switch left and right m

    To scroll through the ITM pages on the DD just press and hold the Tuning Menu Button and then PRESS the Funky switch left and right.

    That's all the magic ;)

    If course this only works when Fanalab is running.

  • I feel dumb now but i've understood the principle.

    Thanks for reply.

    Have a good day guys,

    Drive safely !

  • no please don't feel dumb, we all started at some point! :)

    You too!

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