Cant Connect Fanatec Clubsport Handbreak V1.5

I just got my fanatec handbreak and im using it on pc, i bought an usb adapter because i need one since i dont use a fanatec wheel or pedals. And i also head for the handbreak to work you need to download drivers for it but the thing is people say its under downloads but i cant find it, idk if someone could maybe send me the link so i get straight to the download or something because i am really strugelling and ive been trying for nearly 3 hours to get it to work, i also tried connecting it to my xbox via the adapter and the xbox didnt pick up the handbreak either so if you know a sollution pleaseee tell me. Im planning to use the handbreak on assetto corsa and that is where it way that it has detected it but it wont work and it just says 'Waiting for input'. Ill put an image of what it tells me just fyi.


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