DD2 Motor(torque) trouble.



 Symptom(the first symptoms of one's inquiry)

 1. Vibration feedback is gone 

2). Feedback signal just before understeer and oversteer is lost. 

3) **The torque force itself is weak

=> The above problem was the symptom I mentioned at first, but I solved the problem 1 and 2 through BIOS initialization of the computer. 

But there are still three problems left.

 It's much better than it was before the bios initialization, but it's still not the torque force you received and used for the first time.

The detailed symptoms are as follows. 


1.) Low torque force

 - Vibration present but weak. 

 - Double the game FFB-related setting value when comparing the same setting conditions with others. 

Raise the  ex). iRacing in game setting, Strength 3.0 -> Strength 6.0 for use

2) The same problem with Symptom "1)" occurs when you borrow an acquaintance's laptop and cross-test it.

3) Attempts to reinstall the driver but the problem remains.

(including updates to the v346, v352, v356 firmware) 

Help me. :(

I can't solve the problem.

 It doesn't seem to be a problem with my computer.

(We've also replaced the main board.) 

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" I wonder if the driver of Fanatec Podium dd2 is affected by the compatibility of AMD, Intel Cpu ?? "

User Computer Specifications

 Main: MSI Ace X570 

 CPU: Ryzen 3900X (no over)


 RAM: Dual 8*2 16GB (no over)

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