Fanatec gear for Xbox

Hello to all

I would like to order the following items and want to make sure they are all compatible together to work properly on an Xbox One. New to Fanatec and want to make sure i don't order anything that will cause me problems, can someone please tell me if this setup is correct fadn will work all together on a xbox one?

  • CSL Elite Wheel base V1.1
  • CSL Elite Pedals
  • Clubsport Steering Wheel Formula V2

Thanks so much!


  • Your gear is perfectly suited for Xbox One and Xbox Series X and will work like a charm! :)

  • Thank you Maurice, do you think it's worth upgrading the Pedals and going with the CSL Elite LC? Is it worth the difference?

  • Adriano, I just received my Load Cell Kit for that set today and it is amazing. However, don't feel compelled to go over budget for it immediately. The standard brake with the hard foam stopper in place gives a very nice progressive feel that gives you decent muscle memory. You could run with that no problem.

    The load cell kit mimics a real brake pedal much more accurately and is just that much better. So if you want to get more competitive online, its recommended.

  • Thank you Perrin, very helpful!

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