Rev counter not sychronised with car rev counter BMWM3 GT2 wheel


I have this really weird thing going on which has just started happening.

The rev counter on the wheel doesn't match to what is happening in the car which ever car I'm driving. It matches it perfectly in gears 1 to 4 but when I get to gear 5 the wheel shows around 80% of the but the rev counter in the car is 100% and when I get to 6th gear on the wheel it shows around 60% whilst in cockpit showing 100%.

Any ideas?



  • Which Car? Which game? With FanaLab or native LED support from the game?...

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    Hi, It is on all cars on iRacing which is the only game I'm playing. I've just remembered that it started going strange when I started using the BMW M8 GTE. I drive the Mazda MX5, Audi A3, Porsche Cup, mainly. Using FanaLab.


  • In FanaLab you need to manually adjust the RPM value or % value for each car to match the ones of the car in game, make sure to disable the LED option in iRacing settings itself.

    Porsche Cup car has different RPM values for each car and you can not get perfectly synced LEDs for that car (as well as some others).

  • Hi Thanks Maurice,

    For give my ignorance but when you say disable the LED option in iRacing is that the 'Use wheel shift indicator' under Options/External Displays?

    I've mapped out the rev range for each car and saved each profile now thanks.

    It was just confusing to me why I suddenly it all went a bit funny as I only had 1 profile and that worked for all cars.

    But it works now so many thanks.

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