Need purchase guidance

Hey everyone, I just have a quick question(s) regarding my recent purchase of a DD1 and R300, after learning that the R300 doesn't really work to enter the tuning settings on DD1:

Can I just buy the endurance module and attach it to what I already have?

Do the F1 wheels work more "completely", and could I just buy one of those? (was thinking about it anyway)

Thanks for any guidance, my wheel needs to be centered and I think I need to buy something else to get it working. Gotta say this is a pretty stupid situation to be in. It's a joke that these things can't be accessed from the software side... :(


  • It can be accessed through fanalb but not through the wheel while driving.

    So the software exists, but not the simplicity.

    Yes you can buy the BME but you might have a tight hand clearance due to the diameter of the wheel.

  • Thx so much for the reply!

    I think I am just having trouble calibrating the wheel. When it does 1 CW rotation followed by 1 CCW rotation, it rotates 1.5 times CW and then 1.2 CCW and and keeps setting that as center. Any ideas?

  • And will a formula 1 wheel access this while driving?

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    During startup it's normal that it stops off-center.

    In the Fanatec driver you can center your wheel, there is a center wheel button. Afterwards just check the steering wheel axis in Fanatec driver. If your wheel is center and it shows 0 on the axis all is properly centered.

    PS. you don't need to buy anything to center the R300 wheel with Podium hub. The driver has been adapted to have software buttons for centering the wheel.

    The tuning menu profiles can be managed/selected in Fanalab like Alexandros said normally also not needed to buy something else. Unless you have PS version and use it on PS4 or 5.

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