Just received my Fanatec order. :-)

I'm from Australia so my experience may be different for others. I ordered my configuration less than a week ago and now I'm sitting here after unpacking with have a big smile on my face. Everything I touch has a real quality feel and it all looks so awesome, ( Currently have a G29 Setup which seems like a toy cheap now ). Your right I haven't plugged it in and set it up but please let me have my moment :-).


  • Enjoy 😁

  • Congrats, Les!

  • That's fantastic news mate I hope you enjoy it!!

  • I just spent my weekend setting up the rig. Beyond my expectations. I didn't understand the hype. Now I have to fight my 13 year old daughter for a go! I think that's so cool, that she can feel such a difference from the G29 that she doesn't want to stop!. Thanks guys.

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