Brakeforce Feature unavailable

I've got new CS V3 pedals connected to an old CS Elite wheel. PC driver v400, wheel base firmware 2048, wheel base motor firmware 0. I need to be able to access the brakeforce tuning parameter to use the pedals to their fullest extent. Currently, the brake pedal is way too sensitive and hard to modulate. Damper and performance kit installed--green dampers. The message displayed in wheel properties is "your current wheel base does not support tuning menu features." How can I tune my pedals?


  • your wheelbase doesn't support the driver's or Fanalab's tuning menu. you have to adjust the settings via the integrated tuning menu, which can be accessed via the tuning menu button on your steering wheel.

  • Unfortunately, there is no brakeforce setting on the wheel's tuning menu. All settings are related to the wheel.

  • I would delete the drivers and reinstall if you havent already.

    Also if you are playing iracing you can do that in game there.

    If you also go into the fanatec setting on the PC you can change to manual mode you should be able to change it. if you still dont see it you can definitely change the min and max settings and that might help you out some.

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