McLaren GT3 V2 wheel - QUESTIONS

Hi Fanatec Forum users

I am close to pulling the trigger on pre-ordering the McLaren GT3 V2 wheel but got a couple of questions:

  1. Is the McLaren sticker on wheel removeable/peelable?
  2. Is anyone still having issues with play in the wheel, when tightened down? Should I purchase the metal QR adapter? Plan to mount it to DD2.
  3. Does the 300mm diameter an improvement? Compared with the Formula V2 wheel which is shorter at 270mm?

Thank you!


  • I have a DD1 and ordered the metal adapter. I think that is the best what to go with DD wheel. If you don't order the metal adapter you will need to modify the stock unit to get high force mode from the DD2. The benefit of the larger diameter is up to you. Most people large the larger diameter but that is up to you. I ordered my wheel on December 24th and till have not received it.

  • Thanks William.

    I'm holding off ordering until Fanatec have the rim/wheel in stock as I know there are hold-ups. And Fanatec's customer service leaves a lot to be desired.

  • I ordered 21/12/20, and have had it for about 3 weeks now. To me, it's much more solid than the CSL Elite P1 rim mounting style, with the bolt and little clamp. I cannot comment on suitability for the DD systems, I'm running it on the CSL Elite base and really like the size and feel of it, though.

    Seems I recall them mentioning somewhere that to enable high torque mode on the DD systems you HAD to upgrade the mounting, but I'm not going to state that as fact.

    I have not tried to remove the sticker, sorry.

  • I've had mine since Christmas day, wheel is great, qr version 2 is plastic and has some slip. Quite annoying really, will probably throw more money at it and upgrade to the qr version 1 which can be used with a securing screw if necessary.

    See here :

  • After looking at the McLaren logo on my wheel, it seems to be imprinted directly on the wheel, I do not think it would be easily removed without marring the carbon finish.

    You could place a different sticker over it as it is a fairly smooth surface.

  • What is the exact name of the adapter? Is it Clubsport Quick Release Adapter Black?

  • Sorry for the delay. My order shows "ClubSport Quick Release Adapter Black." I have had the wheel and adapter for 1-2 weeks and I am very happy with the wheel and adaptor. Not sure when my Formula V2 or R300 will every be on the DD1 again.

  • Andy Wright Andy Wright Member
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    Hi racers, I'm very new to iracing and have just upgraded from an old Logitech G920 to the Clubsport v2.5 wheelbase and McLaren GT3 V2 wheel with the QR adapter between. Loving the new setup, no issues so far. I'd love to know from experienced users your favourite button mapping configurations. I drive GT cars exclusivity, (V8 Supercars badly) so no DRS etc required. I use Crewchief and Racelab Apps as well as Sim Dashboard for telemetry. I'd be very grateful for your thoughts on the best use of the wheel buttons. I've got a separate button box so that covers stuff like in car and replay camera views etc. Just after the most important in race button usage. Sorry for the long post, Cheers Andy 😉

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