Clubsport v2.5 Wheel base with Xbox universal hub keeps shutting off!

Every time I turn on the wheel base it’s in PC mode so I switch it into Xbox mode. Then once the race starts the base shuts down in a couple of seconds and keeps shutting down every time I turn it back on. I updated the firm ware but it didn’t help. I tried it on Forza 7 and Dirt 2 on Xbox one x both games wouldn’t play. Sometimes when I turn on the wheelbase it will twitch and if you turn the wheel slowly you can feel it twitch a couple times and then it shuts down. I pulled the wheel off and looked at the pins and they all look good. I haven’t played with the wheelbase for a couple of months and the wheel was off of it hanging on the wall that whole time. All of the cords are secure. I have a simulator rig so nothing ever gets moved around. Any ideas?



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