shifter 1.5 - Can't change from H-Pattern to Sequential

Hello, hope you are having a good day. Just unboxed and installed my shifter, it was in Sequential mode out of the box and I switched it to H-pattern to test out, then wanted to switch back to sequential but it's now stuck! I have it in the middle position as shown in the manual but the switcher still won't move. I'm thinking it could just need some force but wanted to ask first so I don't break it. thanks.


  • You are in Neutral when you switch back to sequential? Or you mean that with the middle position?

    Beste and most easy to change mode is by sliding the mode slider by sliding it via both sides. It can take a little bit of force to get it in the other mode.

  • Any news on this? I'm going through the same issue.

    I can't change between 8pattern and sequential, the slider is rock solid, won't move. yes it's in the middle position (neutral)

    I can't move both sliders as suggested since the handbrake is mounted on the right of the shifter (maybe that's what's causing the issue)

  • Same problem. I have the handbrake mounted on the right, as per Fanatec's own instruction, and I cannot move the 8/S switch on the left on its own. It just gets stuck. I'd need to move the right switch at the same time, but I can't because the shifter is blocking it.

    Now sure how this design has lasted so many years unchanged with this fault. Nor why there is a switch on both sides when it doesn't work on only one side.

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