McLaren GT3 V2 serious design flaws and issues

I've had my McLaren GT3 V2 returned. As stated in many other topics, the quick release system is designed/produced in a way that it cannot thighten enough. Because of this the wheel has a lot of clearance, it wobbles constantly and makes a hard thicking sound when turning it left or right.

Fanatec support first told me this was a known issue and I had to buy the ClubSport quick release to prevent the issue. Then another employee told me this was an incorrect statement. Later on another employee working at the technical department told me they had a look at it and it was within the acceptable margins.

I guess it is arguebable what 'acceptable margins' really are.


  • ok. Since it is mentioned in many other topics why did you open another one to point out the same thing? 🙄

  • I post it because I want to point out Fanatec's response stating it is a known issue and I should've gotten they Clubsport Quickrelease to prevent it. I wanted to share my experience with their customer support on this matter.

  • Ok. I understand this but in my humble opinion you could have done it to one of the other topics that is for the same issue, so we can keep clean the forum and not have repeated topics. 😉

    If we, as users don't try to keep clean and organized the forum, then it would be even more of a mess in the future...

  • ^

    i disagree, why should this seriously flawed and terrible QR system be buried in threads that have been forgotten

    it appears fanatec are going down a cheap and nasty route for their new products judging by this QR and the plastic toy CSL hub

  • I also have to disagree.

    The design of this QR is very good and I like it. I'm also sure that the rotational play wich some of you experience will be fixed in the future.

  • in the future? how does that help people now who paid good money for these products? it should never have been released with such obvious flaws

  • in the future? how does that help people now who paid good money for these products?

    I am sure that Fanatec support will not leave anyone dissatisfied who has this problem.

  • It is almost as if some people only want to post good stories. I got my money back, if that is what you mean by not dissatisfied? But i sure do feel tricked by Fanatec selling me a product which has heavy design flaws. To make things worse, their first employee confirmed my entire story by email and their second employee suddenly stated that it was all untrue.

  • Well you got your money back - that is actually important information that you might have included when you decided to start a thread to describe your experience. Your first post reads as if they refused a refund due to it being in tolerance - it's only half the story.

    I'm all for people posting good and bad experiences but it helps if critical information like that is not omitted. The fact that yet another Fanatec product has issues is bad, the fact that this is their second attempt at this wheel is worse. You don't need to try to paint Fanatec in a bad light by missing out the resolution - they are perfectly capable of that without your help.

  • Getting a refund is something that you're entitled to by law and it is not the well doing of Fanatec's customer support. It does not change the story a single bit.

  • I like the wheel so have ordered the aluminium qr, hoping that will fix my issue.

    Admittedly I shouldn't have to throw more money at it.

    Just don't want to get it replaced under warranty etc, only to be disappointed again.

    Just need to wait for the aluminium qr to be available again.

    All this plastic in fanatecs direction is definitely a concern.

  • Agree you should have got a refund due to it being faulty - but your omission changes your story massively. Your initial posting implies a refund was refused because the tolerances were in acceptable margins. You missed out the important bit which drastically changes the story - i.e. they admitted it was faulty and refunded. How you think that does not change the story a single bit is beyond reason.

  • i might do this, only because it's cheaper than switching all over to thrustmaster or simucube products

    definitely my last ever fanatec purchase though, their quality has turned cheap and nasty now judging by this QR and the latest csl hub

  • Chris NobleChris Noble Member
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    Lol Thrustmaster, talk about cheap and nasty.. The Mclaren V2 is far superior to any wheel Thrustmaster make, period.

  • All people have the same problem with the wheel?

  • I have no experience - do Thrustmaster wheels have a worse fitting issue than the new McLaren?

  • Mine is rock sold now that I’ve upgraded the QR to the metal one, zero issues 👍

  • Cool, that's good news. Are you using the screw as well?

  • Yeah sounds like safest option. Not keen on having broken pins.

  • If i need to buy 100€ qr i prefer formula v2

  • Adam VítAdam Vít Member
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    Is using the QR screw necessary for safe use? I was quite worried about that, but everywhere I looked, people said it´s not really required and that it´s fine to not use it. I tried using mine, and it just fell out each time after 20 minutes of racing. At that point, I was more worried about damaging the threaded hole by vibrations and stopped using it altogether.

  • Waiting for my aluminium qr to arrive in the mail, would find it strange if the screw just fell out?

  • Which wheelbase?

    The DD bases have a longer screw, that comee with the base and has to be used exclusively. The one coming with the wheel/QR doesn't fit....

  • I got the CSW 2.5 . I didn´t find a screw in the packages, so asked Fanatec and they sent me extra. But then it started just falling out as I described. I think some folks recommended blue locktite, but I don´t really want to do that if the screw is not necessary anyway...

  • Got my aluminium qr yesterday in the mail and can confidently say the slip is gone.

    Pity the fix was at my expense, but hey I like the wheel.

    Will be avoiding all this plastic nonsense in the future.

  • Yesterday i recibe my Mclaren gt3 v2 and its very hard to mount, i thin fanatec solved the problem, ist imposble to move

  • When I have received my Wrc wheel it was snug and tight with no QR movement but now I'm experiencing the same issue as stated in this topic. I thin its time to contact Fanatec CS.

  • Adam VítAdam Vít Member
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    I´ll yet have to see if it comes loose for mine. I got my McLaren V2 couple of days ago, and as you said, fitting it on the CSW 2.5 shaft was quite hard, but with a bit of lubrication it felt right. For now, I really like to wheel and even the QR, the only thing I find strange is that the FFB on this wheel is comparatively weaker to other, heavier rims.

    For example - for iracing using irFFB, I was using Max Force of 45 Nm for Formula Carbon and 30-35 Nm for CS version of 911 GT3 wheel. Now since the McLaren is lighter, I was expecting to land around 45 Nm as well (since this is even lighter than Formula wheel), but I had to go as low as 33 Nm to get a decent feel out of the wheel (the FFB is quite good at the end of the day, it´s just that everyone was presenting that FFB gets more lively and prominent with lower weight). Is it the axial weight distribution of the wheel, or is it the plastic QR, which could get better by spending the extra for the CS QR? Or something else that I´m missing?

  • After firmware, and calibration, this wheel has more torque than I need on PS4 GT Sport

    Using in-game adjustments to suit each car, works a treat, usually set to half, or less FFB force

    FFB on wheel set to 100

    Also, An O-ring was shipped with the wheel, and no explanation given

    This larger diameter O-ring replaces the CSL Elite hub O-ring for a snug fitting wheel

    No issues

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