CSW v2.5 with Podium hub aggressive vibrations in iRacing

I have recently purchased a new CSW v2.5 base and am using my Podium Hub on it for iRacing and no problems occurred and all was fine. I have been using Fanalabs, using the default settings for iRacing. Now just recently, aggressive vibrations have occurred, yet the force feedback I am using has not changed. On Fanalabs, I cannot change any vibration setting in the Vibrations category, as it says "Steering Wheel: Podium Hub, Vibration not supported". In the tuning menu, the Vibration Strength [SHO] is set too 100%. I have tried resetting the Fanalab settings to default and that hasn't worked.

My iRacing settings are:

Wheel force: 1.0Nm

Damping: 0%

Min force: 0.0%

And my Fanalabs settings are the recommended FFB settings for iRacing

PLEASE NOTE: The vibrations are still occurring even with Fanalabs closed


  • Can you send a photo of your iRacing settings? Your Wheel Force should be at 8nm.

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