Pc wont recognize csw v2.5

I just bought a used v2.5 base and it turns on and centers but my pc wont recognize it. I downloaded the drivers but it doesn't see the wheel so I can't update anything. Please help


  • What wheel are you using?

    If an Xbox wheel the base could be in Xbox mode and you need to put the Mode to PC mode.

  • Bmw wheel. No wheel is attached it just the base. And it had the red circle around it

  • It was bought for Xbox in 2017 and never was plugged into a pc other than when it was initially bought. The firmware is 317.

  • Open Device manager, go to View, Click show Hidden devices

    Go to Human Interface Devices , Right Click on any that are light grey and select Uninstall.

    Then go to Universal Serial Bus Controllers and do the same as before uninstalling the light grey ones

    Reboot computer

    Hopefully that will sort it.

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