DD1 Cuts out problem, need help.

I'm having the problem which I guess is unfortunately all too common. Around turns, the FFB dies, the wheel gets real loose, and the paddles don't work, then it comes back slowly. It is happening more and more. I've read tons on Fanatec forums this is happening a lot and there doesn't seem to be a common fix or what the actual problem is. This is happening with the DD1 and the Mclaren V2 wheel. There is a lot of chat about the problem being with the simplified QR on the V2 and that I need to get the metal QR. I ordered one, but I'm seeing this same problem happening to people who have the actual podium wheels as well. I've seen possible fixes as using a set screw (I don't have the metal QR yet so I can't try) WD-40 on pins, changing power settings in device manager for the USB on MOBO (tried that, didn't work) firmware downgrades etc.

I opened a ticket with Fanatec, but haven't heard back, from what i've read, they don't have a solution. I have usb 3.0 gen 1 and 2 and it's plugged into gen 2, should I try gen 1? Or is that going to do nothing. I took the torque key out and it seems to be happening more, but that could be coincidence.

I have turned the FFB settings down and it still happens. I don't know how to proceed and it looks like this is an issue that just kind of drags on with no answer and is really bothersome when you spend all the money to go DD and add on the wheels and you wind up not being able to use your high end rig.


  • I doubt if this happens to so much users as you are claiming... I have never read such issues on these forums. I read that the “high torque” message comes up and users need to press the button but not that is disappears and slowly comes back.

    But above doesn’t solve your problem so some suggestions.

    Do you know someone who you can borrow a wheel from to test if it’s in the wheel or base? I personally have my doubts about using a McLaren V2 with the plastic QR on a DD1 but Fanatec doesn’t share that opinion ;-). If you can’t borrow a wheel from someone else I would detach the wheel and check the connector to see if everything is tightened properly.

    Oh and wheelbases seem to function best on USB2 ports, not USB3 ports. Also don’t connect them to a pc via a passive usb hub.

  • I don't know anyone I can borrow a wheel from. I hope the problem will resolve after I receive the CSQR adapter. My PC is new and all usb ports are 3.0 except the one on the front of the case is 2.0 but I've read of issues connecting to the front ports of case, doesn't seem to work well compared to mobo ports. I'm not using a hub.

  • Mine disconnects all the time. ffb just goes all in one direction and I lose complete control of the car. has lost me many races.

    Im on the newest drivers too.

  • Exactly the same on my CSW V2.5 with the F1 rim with metal QR. Because it's happining also on aa DD1 I'm more and more convinced it's a Fanatec software / Driver, Windows 10 update or USB connection type of issue, rather than a hardware one. It also seems to be something of the last 4 months, if you look at the topics that are being opened.

    Fanatec is the one who has to investigate this. I made a service request with all the info I have. Below is a small clip of someone which is exactly the issue I'm experiencing:


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