My order

Would like to thank fanatec for getting my order shipped to me only 3 weeks after i placed my order.

Today i received my order in the mail. I received everything but my Steering Wheel!!

They haven't updated my order status on the website and they haven't notified me that my wheel maybe shipping from somewhere else.

How do you send 3/4 of a order and not tell the customer. It's very annoying that the biggest racing simulator company in the world can't manage a online website for their paying customers. But they can go sign million + dollar deal with different racing series and make sure they have everything they need.


  • So minutes after i post this. I got a email from FedEx with a tracking number saying it will be delivered on the 14th. To be honest this should be shipped priority next day or at least 2 day shipping.

  • In all fairness to them, their is kind of a pandemic going around the world at the moment. Between shipping issues around the world, and people being stuck at home, not to mention the huge influx of popularity of Sim racing, I'd say we are still lucky we can order these luxuries anyway. And May the 14th isn't that bad, some people are having to wait until August to receive gear. Be patient, you'll get what you paid for.

  • They forgot to ship my wheel that was in stock with the rest of my order. 10 min after i made a post saying they didn't ship my wheel. i get a email with a tracking from FedEx. I get waiting for things to come back instock, but when they are back in stock and they forget to ship it, its annoying.

  • I'd say that's just coincidence as far as them shipping it after you made the post, as far as stuff being in stock, they have a bunch of stuff rolling in and out so they might have had to wait a few days to obtain it before the could ship it out. It happened to me on my previous order I made.

  • Don’t forget you also are dependent on Fedex, UPS or what ever.

    Very possible that Fanatec just send everything at once but Fedex split the boxes over multiple carts, cars that results in one of the packages is delivered later. Also Fedex is overloaded with boxes. Just be patient. Had the same with UPS.

  • Honestly, OP, I am glad you got your stuff, but I am even more frustrated that I have waited 5 weeks and have no idea where my stuff is... I get the whole pandemic thing right now, and that makes running a business incredibly difficult. What I do not appreciate is how I feel completely in the dark after spending so much money. I see no logical reasoning as to why some people are getting their orders and others are not. I am not looking for help, just sharing my thoughts, as I have already reached out to the webshop many times.

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