Items paid for not being shipped???

I paid for the McLaren GT3 wheel and also purchased a quick release adapter to go with any future wheels I buy. I've just been emailed to say my order is being processed but because I also purchased the metal quick release adapter, then the McLaren wheel will not come with the regular plastic adapter. The order now says its being shipped.

Is this some kind of joke? You can't just tell a customer that the order has changed as you are shipping the item. I need the plastic adapter as well as the metal adapter, as Iintended to use this with another wheel down the line.

I have created a customer support ticket although I believe this may not be read for 3 days which will be too late. Pretty poor customer service for my first experience with Fanatec as a company.

Please can this be looked at.


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    Same here, already shipped. I'll wait and see what I will receive first.

  • Fanatec customer service have been in contact and arranged for a seperate order with the standard quick release mechanism to also be shipped.

    I've gone from being very frustrated to being very grateful for the quick response. Although this shouldn't have happened to start with I appreciate the speedy reply.

    Thank you!

  • Now let's see if they add the plastic adapter to all other existing orders. We shouldn't have to create a support ticket for getting everything that we ordered.

  • As with all steering wheels moving forward, the McLaren V2 now ships with the quick release in a separate package. If you add a McLaren to the basket today, you're offered the option to select which quick release you want. If you select the metal version, you will not receive the plastic version.

    Existing pre-orders of the McLaren also switched to this packaging, meaning that if you added a metal QR to your order, the system automatically will not send you the plastic QR separately.

    If you wish to receive the plastic QR, then please contact customer service, via the main contact form, selecting 'I have a question about my order'. (This only applies to customers who pre-ordered the McLaren before the switch to the new packaging. This switch happened today.)

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • What do people do if they place an order from today onward and, like OP, they want both the plastic and the metal QR? It sounds like you're saying it's only either one or the other.

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    Select the plastic one when you add the wheel to your basket. Then add the metal QR separate to your basket. You will end up with 2 QR’s for the same price in your basket.

  • Or would the system see that you've added the metal QR, and then automatically remove the plastic one? Sounds like you may need to purchase the rim with the plastic QR and then, in a separate order, purchase the metal one? Surely not...?

  • The basket shows both QR’s. Would be not done if they then some how correct it afterwards when your basket shows both and you “pay” for both. Maybe the extra QR you order is for a completely different wheel…

  • Try it out in the webshop.. ;)

    You can add both in the same order, no need to Split Orders.

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