CSL DDs shipping early!



  • but of course... the pay more to get it shipped special can't be guaranteed to arrive when expected... soooo... not sure but things are feeling more and more scummy as i'm stuck waiting for my order to ship causing me to doom scroll twitter :-(

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    Yeah, if you want to pay an additional $300 for the boost kit and expedited shipping. Unless you're a die-hard GT fan, I can't see how PlayStation compatibility is worth $150, I mean $250 dollars since wheeless isn't an option currently. Pending official "Sony Playstation" word. The total is far too high a price for me at $400 but then again I may opt-out of a Playstation 5 as well. $1000 can be spent wisely elsewhere; on the other hand, these are good products, but a little more transparency would be appreciated.

  • Knowing 3 months ago supply chain might be an issue, and over past 2 months seeing it be a real problem, this bulk order should have been air freighted instead put on a sampan and nudged off the shore.

    Bummer because this blew the whole Christmas present. I would have easily opted in and paid for alternate shipping, direct ship from China (like Apple and everyone else do). That fact that’s not an option is really bad logistics planning.

    You guys (fanatec) should really give UPS or FedEx a call - they have specialty services that can easily help you get your product shipped out - they have a whole branch of their business dedicated to just logistics.

  • Agreed. Give the option to pay extra for expedited shipping directly from manufacturer. I've purchased wheels from Japan and had them shipped to my door in 3 days via air mail for under $200. I guess this would be difficult for them as they probably have no idea how many units will be produced at a given time and would probably cost more for them to have someone handle international shipping directly from the manufacturer.

  • Same here. I ordered the CSL DD with the Mclaren GT3 Wheel and the BMW M3 GT2 Wheel. Estimated shipping Date was November 12th. Order is still in process. Hope it is only delayed to November 29th not January so I get my hands on it within this Year.

  • Just received the message, that shipment is in process. I'm excited.

  • Thanks, sounds like shipping delays are about a month presently.

  • I just got a shipment preparation notification for anyone interested.

    I ordered first half of Sept. Was delayed till end of Nov then again to Jan 3rd. Just got a note saying it's being prepped for shipping. Christmas miracle?! I swear I almost pulled the trigger on the DD1 when I saw the Jan 3rd date.

  • Got the same email this morning. Item is processed. Hopefully it makes it here before Christmas. I'm expecting 10-12 days for shipping but that may change with the holiday rush.

  • Got a other email with tracking number but when I checked tracking, it says the label was cancelled on the same day it was created. I can't deal with this. Is it shipping or not??!!!

  • Has anyone's status changed from "This Order has been Processed" to shipping? I'm not sure how long it takes to ship out once the order has been processed by the warehouse. I'm hoping it ships out soon and I'm able to receive my package before Christmas or shortly after.

  • Still "This Order has been Processed" on my end but excited to see that change.

  • Santa's workshop sent a tracking number, no change to status but I must have narrowly escaped the naughty list.

  • Great news you guys!!!

    I ordered in November and the preorder for the DD was beginning of 2022.

    I got an email update today that my order has been processed and will be shipped in the next business days.

    That means Christmas will actually be Christmas in December and not January for me!!!

    I am writing this to say THANK YOU to all FANATEC team for pushing hard with the orders and making us happy by receiving our orders earlier!!!

    I hope that happens for everyone!!!

    Keep it up!!! Now is the time to get a good share in the industry by providing the best service!!!

  • Glad to hear it. My status was updated a week ago but still no shipping update. Was going to ask someone in live chat if they could check in but the live chat hours are extremely short and early on this side of the world.

  • I received my "Your Fanatec order will be shipped soon" email 9 days ago and still no tracking number. So no idea if it has been shipped or not. I looked at my past completed orders and most of them never received a tracking number either so I'm not sure what to think.

  • My early September order finally shipped today. Got the shipping label on Dec 11 but took another 10 days before USPS marked it as received. Doubt it will get up to Canada this year but at least it's sooner than Jan 3rd!

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