Steering wheel RS availability changed

Hey all,

I was exited to get my hands on the ‘new’ clubsport steering wheel RS aka the rebranded 918 wheel but after saying an availability of October 6th on my order for a month it changed to the 15th just now, I have not received an email from Fanatec. Has it changed to anyone that ordered it as well because this is a bummer to say the least!

Thanks in advance


  • Yeah, got an email yesterday that the date got pushed to the 15th.

    But I have a CLS DD in the same order, with estimated shipping date of 8th November so... :D

  • hoping you did not need the wheel for another base you have cos i think they will ship your order all out together in 1 parcel/transaction.

    i had wheels, pedals plus CSL DD in 1 order. initially some had availability dates but they all disappeared and all that was left was that for the base. so it is the date furthest away that you need to keep monitoring. well that is when they will send everything out.

  • Yeah, I know. And no I don't need the wheel for anything until I get the rest of the order. ;)

  • Same here. I've been waiting since June I think (maybe July). Seems like forever! What's another couple days I guess. In the mean time, I went camping at my favorite campground a couple weeks ago. Got some fantastic panorama pictures and 360 globe shots with my drone. Race fans might find these interesting ;)

    This isn't spam. I don't get paid if you check out the pics and it's not porn.

  • Well shit!

    Just got an email that moved the shipment date again, to NOVEMBER 10th!!!

    I really hope that the shipment date on the CLS DD base, doesn't change from November 8th.

  • I just got the Nov 10 email too. Very sad. I was looking forward to getting the wheel this week. What's even worse is I ordered the damn thing July 19 so my 1 year warranty will expire July 19, 2022. I'm getting fucked out of 4 months of warranty :(

  • Yep same, bit annoying that they keep delaying it a day before the supposed shipping date but we move on I guess. Just hope it isn’t gonna be delayed a 3rd time

  • Got the same emails last week and today for my RS wheel..

    "We just learned that there was a delay..."

    Yeah, more than a bit annoying that they wait until the last day to notify us..

    Shipping delayed another month, that means they knew very well last week that the wheels werent shipped yet, and they could have said so from the beginning.

    I guess theres nothing else to do but wait another month then :)

  • No you’re not. They take things like that into consideration if you need to make a warranty claim.

  • That's good to know. The website is incorrect then, but it's only an issue if the wheel breaks somehow. That's unlikely I think.

  • Yea, nothing that you can actually look at that would give you an “updated start date” of your warranty, but in the event that something happens, bring it to attention and things should be handled correctly.

  • My due date has held steady at Nov 10th for the last month. This is probably me jinxing it, but I think we're going to stick the landing this time. I just downloaded Wreckfest (PS5) and I might try WRC. Getting close!!!!

  • Do you guys know if the Steering wheel RS has vibration motors in it? Or have the vibration motors in the wheels been discontinued?

  • I'm not positive because the wheel hasn't arrived yet, but I'm 95% sure only the Formula wheels have vibration motors in them. I know the McLaren wheel does not. I should be able to say for sure about the RS wheel in about 2 days though.

  • The 918 wheel this is based on used to have them but I am quite sure they took them out.

  • The availability date for the RS wheel shifted to Jan 10, 2022 on the website. I haven't gotten the dreaded email that my wheel is delayed again, but I completely expect it any minute. If they push it another 2 months I'm going to cancel. I've already waited 4 months.

    Should I drop the extra $200 on a Podium w/ endurance? I'm not leaning that direction yet.

  • Just got my email that the order is changed to warehouse processing! (eu store)

  • Diito from the California warehouse. Funny that last month they said the delay was due to a backlog of ships in the Long Beach port. Now the wheel is moving around the warehouse at the same time on two different continents. On the Orders page the ability to cancel the order is gone, so I actually believe it might arrive soon.

    I've already printed the display stand for when it's not mounted. Maybe if I put it on the shelf but leave it covered in it's black bag my wife won't notice I got a new wheel? Maybe I'll hide the Formula V2.5x wheel in the closet so she doesn't click that there's an extra wheel. Thankfully they took the Porsche logo off it, or my wife wouldn't believe it was 100 bucks.

    Once I slip it past the sentry, I think it's going to be my new daily wheel. I do wish it came with PlayStation buttons, but that's my only gripe.

  • Got the same info about my wheel today, seems they have finally got a delivery from China !

  • Well it's the 15th with no new news. No tracking number and no package. I'm making this proclamation so that the delivery truck will roll down my street in 3 ... 2... 1...

  • Matthew BoyerMatthew Boyer Member
    edited November 2021

    It's the 16th with no news. I got an email on the 10th that it was moving around the warehouse and preparing to ship. They'd update me with a tracking number shortly. Now it's the 6 days later and I'm still waiting for even a status update.

  • Peder GrandePeder Grande Member
    edited November 2021

    Mine is in the mail, scheduled for delivery on thursday :)

  • Congrats, that gives me hope. The Orders page still isn't populated with my tracking number yet. Is that how you know you'll get yours on the 18th? What part of the planet are you on Peder? I'm in California.

  • It's the 17th and there's still no news. It was supposed to ship on the 10th, even though that was already 4 months in waiting. Ugh.

  • Okay according to FedEx it'll be here tomorrow (Thursday). :)

  • Matthew BoyerMatthew Boyer Member
    edited November 2021

    Ahhhhh finally it's in my grubby paws. I've put on the QR and mounted it on the rig, but that's it. Okay I may have made a few car noises after everything was tightened up. It was a pretty sloppy fit until I cinched up the collar.

    After work I'll do the firmware and put on some PlayStation buttons. Then eat and race, maybe not in that order.

    Oh yeah, "Racing Is life. ... Anything that happens ... before or after ... is just waiting."

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