Now that the wait is over, the ClubSport F1 mystery wheel is finally known.


And I think the McLaren MP4-12C GT3 wheel can incorporate these features perfectly! And please get the button color right this time. And also no limited availability gimmicks. As always BACKWARDS COMTABILITY IS A MUST!



  • HAHAHA, I already own the 911 GT3 CUP wheel. I wanna see an ITM upgrade to my aging McLaren GT3 wheel. Those 911 RSR-19 designs don't seem to be within Fanatec's reach. And a full screen ITM like that would definitely break the backs of their driver development team! The McLaren MP4-12C GT3 is well within Fanatec's reach.


  • Fair enough, the McLaren is a great wheel as well, so I would probably buy whichever comes. Especially because every LCD is a waste for me, as I only drive in VR 🤣

  • Try the Ascher Racing wheels, nice larger size too. Not sure if compatible with Fanatec Podium bases though.

  • I'd buy that McLaren wheel in an instant :)

  • Ascher Raving seems to offer perfectly sized wheels with great value for money, but as Fanatec doesn't allow USB passthrough through the Podium Hub, you need one of these USB cables going from the wheel to a USB hub mounted on your rig. That's not cool while Ascher offers wireless compatibility to Simucube... I hope for Fanatec, that they aren't going the wrong way with this proprietary stuff... Additionally, the above mentioned wheels have better accessability to rotary encoders and Ascher is not a replica of a real wheel. And Ascher is sold out anyway. 🤣

  • I would love Audi/Lamborghini gt3 wheel bu Fanatec

  • I'm sorry but those new lightweight GT3 wheels look awful, and some of these new GT3 wheels will never make Fanatec's design mold. Ascher racing designs never convinced me! Fanatec hit one out the ballpark with the McLaren GT3 wheel. And now the Porsche 911 CUP. But now it's time for another home run! Say what you want about Ascher racing and Simucucbe, but their design don't even come close to Fanatec's design. Of course I'm no a blinded fan, cause I absolutely hate those F1 wheel designs, all on them! Please don't fantasize, I think my vision is well within Fanatec's reach. If some of you want take the Ascher Simucube route, good luck. In the meantime I'll be dreaming of this.

  • LED's ON.

    Dream and enjoy.

  • The next wheel just needs a minimum 4" screen so we can design and make our own dashboards fanatec are at least 4 years behind other wheel manufacturers that do quality wheels with screens

    £650 for a wheel with no dashboard screen is very expensive

    I paid £650 for this (in the picture) quality not as good as fanatec but the screen makes it better than my fanatec formula rim which I never use for 8 months because I have the one with the screen where I can use simhub and literally display anything I want

    I would love to have a fanatec quality GT3 or formula rim with screen for dashboards and if they do it they will want to lock us in to their own dashboard software which will be horrendously terrible as all fanatec software is full of problems constantly but they not going to do it anytime soon because they like to have big profits from products and they would probably want £1000 to £1200 and then they not going to sell as much as a £600 rim and will not sell quickly enough for the quick returns they want on R and D so they want to avoid it at all costs

    so I will not buy another fanatec wheel until they step up the wheel technology with a screen and if st

    upid price then definitely not interested

  • I'm not into F1 you already have a great wheel. My thinking is to keep it within Fanatec's design floor and known switches and materials.


  • I'd instantly buy that!! Even if I can't use it on my CSL 😅

  • Yes, we need larger F1/LM/modern GT style wheels. Ok, you can use recent F1-wheel but it's too small in diameter. We need wheels which are at least 30cm and upwards. If you think like modern DTM-wheelrims they are around 32-33cm in width or so(MB at least)

    If have more than enough round wheels, now it's time to get more "cut" wheels. Rim-only options for un.hub would be nice too.

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