Looking for a Fanatec CSL Elite for PS4 - EU

Hello guys,

I just sold my old setup and now I'm looking forward to buy my first Fanatec setup.

The first thing I have noticed is that is much harder to find used Fanatec material than it is to find from any of the other brands. I have been almost everyday on Ebay, marketplace and Poituguese OLX and so far I was not able to find exactly what I needed at a fair price.

What I'm looking for is a Fanatec CSL Elite PS4 ready with the standard pedals. I'll also buy a playseat challenge so if I could buy it all from the same person even better. Would be great if the seller lives in European Union so I can avoid extra taxes.

Let me know if you have anything or if you know where I can find it.

All the best



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    Where are you located?. I'm ni Spain, and I have a CSL Elite PS4, standard pedals (not used, just for testing as I use V3), Playseat challenge with mods adding the stand for handbreak.

    Send me a private and I can send you pictures.

  • Pedro,

    I send you a message, i have one to sell.

    Bundle Fanatec CSL ELITE Base CSL+ Volante P1 + Pedais Elite with Playseat Challenge New.

  • Thanks Hugo for your answer but I already closed a deal with Mariano. But I will show your gear to a couple of friends that are also looking for it maybe one of them can have interest.

    All the best


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