Experienced user but.......have I damaged my DD1?

My base has been running fine and I just updated to the 429 Beta driver this afternoon. After updating successfully and all working normally, I (for some stupid reason) ALSO tried to do the manual base firmware update via the usual updater. During that process my base has malfunctioned and now will not turn on. Pressing power button starts fan but base will not turn on and fan stops when I release the power button.

  • unplugged power supply from base and replugged in - no change
  • uninstalled FANATEC driver package 429 in reinstalled. No change
  • uninstalled 429 and installed previous driver 415. No change

Have I done the unthinkable and damaged my base irrepairably? Is there anything else I can try?


  • Gagaryn .Gagaryn . Member
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    If all else fails read the manual. :-)

    Try starting in boot loader mode - details in the manual. If you are too experienced to have actually read the manual, you hold the power button down (from OFF) until it starts in Update mode.

    If that doesn't work wheel needs returned.

  • thanks for that tip...I did try that with no luck. Am now in contact with TECH support for next steps.

  • Make sure your wheel is in PC mode. I had the same thing happem beacuse I was not in PC Mode. Chang to PC mode and reinstall the driver.

  • Ray LordRay Lord Member
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    An update on my "RMA" adverture so far...... The overall diagnosis process with FANATEC tech support went as well as could be expected. After reviewing my info and video, it was determined that my wheel base would have to be returned for repair or replacement. This process took place over just a few days - not bad considering the time difference from Western Canada to Germany. I bundled it all up in the original shipping boxes.

    After receiving an RMA number, shipping label and related instructions, my DD1 was dropped off at the local UPS outlet on the morning of Tuesday, Nov 15 for 'UPS Standard' shipping. Original expected arrival date at the Fanatec facilities in La Mirada CA was estimated to be Nov 23. I then started to receive daily "exception notification" emails from UPS about anticipated global shipping delays due to the COVID pandemic. Recent intense weather events here in Western Canada have also added to more delays. The estimated delivery to Fanatec was subsequently delayed to Nov 24. Today, Nov 24, I received another UPS update with a new expected delivery date to Fanatec in La Mirada of Nov 30th. That will be 15 days just to get my base to the RMA facility in the US from my home in Alberta. Even though the shipping delays are not anyone's fault in particular, I just wanted to share my experience to date.

    Communication with Fanatec support during diagnosis and pre-shipping preparation has been very good. It has not been made clear to me however (after they saw my video documentation) what exactly will be done to resolve my problem. Reinstall the firmware somehow? Some other more involved reset or reboot of the base? Potential replacement? I was asked to send everything back that originally came with my DD1.

    Ironically, I just sold my trusty Clubsport wheelbase V2 just a few days before this all started - so no backup. Looks like I'll have to remain on the racing sidelines and endure Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 for the next month or more......😕

  • Another update on my DD1 RMA....over the last few days I've received several more "Exception Notifications" from UPS advising me of more reasons for delay of my shipment back to FANATEC in California including: global pandemic, inclement weather on the West Coast of North America and now the latest - delay due to the US Thanksgiving holiday.

    My DD1 was originally shipped via RMA label on Nov 15 and is now expected to be delivered on the next business day after folks have overeaten all kids of holiday treats - I assume on Monday Nov 29. That will be two weeks now in transit.

    Not sure what comes next when my beloved wheel base finally gets there but will provide further updates. I suppose its time to get outside for some brisk walks, spending time with family and friends and indulging in some other hobbies as I go through a serious bout of SIM racing withdrawal.

  • Next update....was advised by UPS that my DD1 RMA arrived at the Fanatec warehouse in California on Monday Nov 29. I then received a confirmation email from the North America Fanatec Webshop on Tuesday Nov 30 also advising me that the package had arrived and that I would receive an e-mail when the RMA repair process is completed. Was advised that it may take up to 10 business days for that to happen.

    Because I'm curious (and retired), I tried calling the phone number at Suddath Logistics - destination of RMA - that appeared on my shipping label to see if I could get any more info about what happens next in the RMA. I was able to get to the voice mail of the person named on the label only to find that their voicemail box was full and no message could be left.

    I then tried phoning the US-based Fanatec Webshop number that was listed at the end of my recent robo email about my package having arrived and found that it to was unreachable with no capacity to leave any kind of message for a call back.

    Looks like if I want to maintain any kind of communication during this RMA process I can either wake up in the middle of the night to try using the live chat function (have not tried that yet) or take my chance with more e-mails to the european based support team to see if anyone gets back to me.

    At least I know now that my DD1 is in their hands now...my base has now been away since Nov 15th.......stay tuned....

  • Another update on my first full RMA adventure. After the last message from the FANATEC WEBSHOP confirming my DD1 base had arrived at the US warehouse for an RMA, I received a subsequent email today - Dec 6 - from 'REPAIR REPAIR' advising me that my wheel had been repaired and that it was shipped been shipped back to me on Nov 30. That would have been the same day it arrived there! They graciously apologized for the delay on getting back to with the repair status of my wheel base.

    The message informed me that...."Our technicians were able to fix the issue for you and shipped your unit back out on November 30, 2021. They have confirmed your issue and reflashed the firmware and also updated it to the latest version. They have then tested it with a V2x wheel and made sure everything is working."

    I was provided a USPS tracking number and my wheel base in on its way back.

    This is great service, and if it was turned around in one day, that's impressive! I've been without my DD1 since Nov 15....3 weeks now. I live in Alberta Canada and the Fanatec warehouse is located in La Mirada California.

    Now standing by for notice that my repaired base is ready to pick up at my local post office in the next few days.

    So far so good....

  • A final update re my first RMA process.......

    My DD1 arrived safely back to my home in Western Canada after being away for just under 1 month. The repair itself took only one day but the total turnaround time - with pandemic and inclement weather related shipping delays, took a little longer than it might have otherwise. The TECHs at the RMA shop in California returned everything to me in the original packing. I paid for return shipping as per the instructions I got from the support folks. All connectors, power supply and other related contents of the DD1 had been inspected and re-bagged.

    The base works perfectly again and I am pleased with the overall procedure I had to undertake. I must say however, that I will be very wary of future BETA firmware updates - just to be safe.

    As a long time owner / user of FANATEC products, I have always been impressed with any customer service I've ever needed and this last experience has reinforced that sentiment. Thank you FANATEC!

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