[Resolved] Will Fanatec extend a warranty period if they delay shipment by 3mo+?

I'm curious if anyone has ever had a warranty period extended? It's fair for a warranty to start on purchase date given that the products are going to be shipped in a timely manner, but due to mistakes on Fanatecs part my "ready to ship" order is estimated to arrive at least 2+ months after my order was placed. Since this delay has been caused by their own inventory mistake (admitted in an email) it seems that they should probably extend my warranty to offset the delay they caused... I can't get ahold of them yet with the communication delays so I'm just checking with the community.

Part of me buying direct from them was to have a 12mo warranty but with these delays I'm losing 1/5 to 1/4 of that benefit.


  • Agreed. I see the same thing. Hard to believe a warranty starts long before you receive it. Even if it is just a month. They know when they ship it. Warranty should start then. Now when you make a Pre-order for something that will not be in stock for 1+ months.

  • Lol hoping to get my bundle around Christmas

  • I think the (but don't take my word for granted) that warranty starts from the day of delivery and not date of purchase.

  • What I can see from my account at my products list the warranty of all items starts with the day of shipment.

  • So it is from the day they leave the factory.

    @Josh king I hope this answers your question about the extended warranty. You don't need one since your products haven't been shipped yet.

  • @Alexandros Annivas that is interesting, on my products page it already shows my warranty starting from the date of purchase. I will keep an eye on it and see if it updates when it ships.

  • Warranty will only begin upon shipment of product not during preorder or waiting to ship status..

  • the website states that warranty is for 12 months after shipment. Per website:

    ENDOR AMERICA LLC, guarantees that the purchased good were free of material and manufacturing flaws at the time of the transfer of the goods and that they have the guaranteed quality as described in the contract. Upon receipt, the customer must inspect the goods immediately for flaws, condition and/or quality. Any blatant flaws must be reported to us, in writing, within 10 days of their discovery the same is valid for any latent defects. Otherwise, the warranty for these defects is no longer applicable. The warranty is for 12 months after shipment.

  • You rock @Daniel Wegner, I missed that when looking over it!

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