Looking to buy QR1 (Metal). I'm having the now infamous clicking issues with the QR1 lite, and I begrudge parting with an extra £100 to replace what is effectively a defective product that was listed as compatible with the CSL DD.

If you can help me avoid giving them more cash, it'd be much appreciated 😂


  • I’ve been hearing that WITH the QR. I have the CSL DD. I was Blaming it on the slight slack of the metal connector. But it might be the DD clipping. I’m still checking into it and I’m going to put the screw in to see if that makes it go away. I only hear it once in a while. Anyone have this. F1 2020 on PC. Why do I get Number options. Until I hit the space bar or something. Then it goes to keyboard settings.?

  • When You think about it how can the plastic connector “click”.?

  • It is a well documented fault that has been detailed here:

    I believe (in my opinion) that Fanatec have done everything but admit it's a serial defect to avoid having to issue upgraded replacements. I have opened an RMA for this and a faulty CSL universal hub, which has also gone bad after only a few months. Not a great first experience with Fanatec products. I was told they were industry leading as well!

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