[RMA in progress] Fanatec support in major problems

Last april 28(th) I received a new CSL DD and 2.5.x wheel. I was impressed by the product look, the unboxing and everything about the Fanatec brand. However I was unlucky that the wheel base was dead on arrival and since I have been trying to get help from Fanatec support.

Does anyone know what is going wrong there because since the support ticket entry on april 28(th) I have heard nothing and the Fanatec mailbox was full at one time and their telephone hotline has been suspended now. It really disturbs me that there is no update from Fanatec on the reasons and solutions for their lack of support.

Does anyone know what is going on there? Is there a major problem in one of the factories? Are they going bankrupt or .... Seems really weird that the whole customer journey is really polished but when it comes to support they are completely incompetent at the moment and there is 0 communication about it.


  • I can only say good luck with your case everything will take time but I believe your problems will be solved……eventually. Unfortunately you won’t be left very happy in the end. Look at the forums and you can find a lot of info which can help you understand what to expect in the next weeks and possibly months. All the best.

  • My guess they under priced the csl DD then found they had higher then expected defects.

  • Thanks Faizel. A status update on my customer journey. 2 days ago I got an answer (after 12 days of silence). However, despite that I sent a lengthy description of the problem and all the things I already tried I got a standard answer that asked for a video or screenshot of the problem BEFORE they could send the support ticket to the tech department. I did so straight away but afraid the waiting time just got reset :-(

    So still stuck with a dead device that was dead on arrival hoping I will get real help soon...

  • Damn, that would have been the other useful tip to not go into troubleshooting mode with them. You need to get out of the trouble shooting cycle ASAP and get return labels ASAP. I got all excited when they eventually answered me and thought I was finally in a two way communication where I would just wait a few minutes/hours to be answered but this was not the case. Luckily two weeks ago, I was still able to call the hotline and got immediate help with the shipping labels.

  • Update: still NOTHING from Fanatec. Unbelievable

  • This is really beyond ridiculous. I’m not entirely happy with my replacement wheel base as well but at least it’s kind of working so I’m trying to troubleshoot myself. Just ordered an 8nm power brick (gt dd pro) to test the wheel behavior and rolling back different firmwares etc. the crazy thing is this wheel base is a replacement for one which had a different version of the same problem.

    You can do nothing about how long you have to wait for support. The only thing you can hope is that when they do resolve your problem it is resolved 100 percent right. So many people here received repaired units which were not actually repaired or replacements with the same or different problems. If I wanted to gamble I would have gone to the casino.

  • Final (I hope) update: I got an RMA monday so can send the device and will receive a new one. Hope this trajectory does not last too long.

  • That will go relatively quickly basically as soon as they receive the other the replacement will be sent. Good luck!!

  • Yes, a positive note is indeed that the replacement trajectory is actually really fast. I will receive the new one tomorrow already. Pleased to see that there are positive sides in Fanatec's customer journey as well.

    Just hope this device works out of the box now...

  • unlikely you will receive 2 dead units so if everything works as it should hope you can enjoy it for many years.

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