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Hi everyone!

I tried to research a bit in this subreddit to understand if someone said this before, but didnt manage to find anything.

This is my situation:

I have made an order of a CSL DD , Formula V2.5 X, V3 Pedals.

These are my questions:

Is it normal that I made an order of such high value and it has been almost 2 weeks without any feedback from Fanatec?

Is it normal that Fanatec states "Available Stock" and still has been almost 2 weeks without shipping the order?

Is it normal that you try to contact them and don't receive any feedback whatsoever?

Is it normal that Fanatec, more than has not given any feedback on the order, also says on their website Order is in process, for almost 2 weeks with no change?

Hope I explained my self correctly and hope I can help others as well with my questions!

Thank you in advance!


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