Sebastian Buemi and Natacha Gachang at the "Face of Forza" event

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There was a cool event at the Nürburgring this Wednesday to introduce the "Face of Forza" in Europe Natacha Gachnang.

She is a very successful F2 driver and she obviously had fun to take the journalists on a lap around the GP track with an Audi R8 V10. 

She told me that only one journalist asked her to slow down :)

Her cousin Sebastian, the Toro Rosso F1 driver, was there as well and we had some little competition between us on the FM3 tracks. The final race was interrupted as he had to leave to the airport so he owes me a revanche.

Both of them asked me for a wheel and I am happy to send them one so they can practice FM3.

I also had the chance to drive one of 5 Audi S4 on the GP track with 3 other guys of Microsoft and behind the car of the instructor Alfred Heger, a well known DTM and endurance race driver.

Alfred and me had to wait only 2 times per lap so that the MS guys can catch up again B-) behind us.

Please see some pictures here:

TSR.CH (French);vid=11020424

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