WTB: CSL DD 5nm [Georgia, USA] [Paypal]

Hi guys, I've been saving up for the 5nm base, finally ready to purchase one, and waiting for Fanatec to restock it but unfortunately it hasn't come back for around two months. I just can't justify spending the money for the 8nm variant right now. It's a shot in the dark but I feel like it's still worth a try asking here.

Would anyone be willing to sell a 5nm CSL DD? I also would need to buy a wheel (looking at the McLaren GT3 V2) and the table clamp for it so if you have those I'd consider purchasing it along with the base. No bundles are required, but it would be nice to have a package deal. Warranty transfer would also be highly appreciated.

Thank you for any considerations.


  • I also have a long positive of eBay seller/buyer history as well as Facebook transactions if anyone needs references before selling since I am asking for the transaction to be done through Paypal since I want to use my credit card.

  • Not sure if you're in need of console compatibility, but if not, have you considered similarly-priced alternatives from companies such as Moza or Simagic?

    Fanatec have been in the midst of a customer service crisis for several months now, and aren't showing very strong signs of recovering quickly. It's been taking 2-3 weeks for them to respond to requests, and if you're unfortunate enough to need an RMA, it can take up to several months to get things sorted, leaving you with nothing to show for the many hundreds of dollars you just dropped.

    It's worth taking a look on these forums and elsewhere on reddit and the like for users who have had reliability issues with their new Fanatec gear (I personally have had to go through the RMA process twice since taking delivery of my CSL DD and McLaren wheel a little less than a year ago). I will say that my Fanatec gear is awesome when it works and is all functioning properly, but the unfortunate truth is that because of my experiences to date, I never feel confident with what I'm going to get when turning it all on and sitting down for a session: will I be able to just drive and enjoy myself? Or am I going to spend the next two hours being frustrated, trying to get things working the way that I expect they should?

    TL;DR If you're in need of console compatibility and have your heart set on a direct drive wheel, then yes, Fanatec are the only game in town. If your answer to either of those questions is no, I'd recommend giving serious consideration to other alternatives.

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