To anyone questioning that they've been working hard at fixing the shipping issues

I ordered my CSL Elite F1 Esports bundle last night at midnight PST. Not only did I have a tracking number before 3pm. But FedEx shows it as picked up and will be here in 2 days.

Good job Fanatec!

I mean you still mischarged me because I'm in California. But I have no doubt that will get sorted out by support.


  • Ok? How does this have anything to do with the issues people are having? I'm glad you had a positive experience but it doesn't mean others aren't. If anything it only makes them so upset that someone who ordered yesterday gets their stuff and others have been waiting months. Shipping issues will be fixed once all back orders are fulfilled

  • things appear to be improving compared to some of the experiences posted here.

    Order placed Sunday,

    Processed Monday,

    UPS emails and tracking info received this morning

    Delivery set for tomorrow (Wednesday)

    very happy :-)

  • Good for you. I'm on day 48 of waiting for anything I ordered and I only every received any communication through Dom.

  • How is this possible when I've been waiting since April 17th??? Are you based in the US @andy fletcher? What exactly did you order if I may ask?

  • I'm sure if we ordered stuff that was in stock, it would have shipped. The problem is we don't know when our products are going to be in stock. The date keeps changing a few days after the expected date.

    We'll see if it is actually the 12th this time. What pisses me off is no communication. They sent an email after we complained that said, "check our website for your order status"... Well, that's what we've been doing. That doesn't tell us anything.

    I'm hoping it doesn't get delayed again, otherwise, I'll be upset they didn't communicate that with us. They have to be in contact with their supplier to be able to figure out actual dates.

    If they would communicate with us, it would make things a lot better. As it is, I still don't know if I'm going to regret not canceling my order and just ordering from somewhere else where I know the exact time I'll have to wait before my wheel will be shipped. Going on two months of them having my money and me not really even sure if I'll get the items when they say I will.

  • I ordered the PS4 CSL Elite bundle on May 6th. I too had the issue with dates shifting, and no communication.

    I just got a note on Wednesday (June 24) saying my order status changed to “warehouse processing“, whatever that means. A little later, I got a note (in response to a complaint about the lack of communication), saying:

    "Your order was shipped via FEDEX on June 24, 2020. After your consignment is handed over to our shipping agent, tracking numbers of all packages will be provided via separate E-mail."

    It has been two days, and no tracking number. And I don't know what "After your consignment is handed over to our shipping agent" means. Isn't that FedEx?

    Very, very frustrating.

    For those in the U.S. that have received tracking, where do these ship from?


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