Order issue


I ordered a new wheel, was redirected to paypal for payment, after the payment was done, and I was returned to the fanatec page, I got an error message from cloudflare. I waited a couple of minutes without anything happening, restarted browser and saw my order was not and now still is not placed, did not get an confirmation mail from Fanatec either.

Meanwhile the money has been withdrawn from my paypal account ..., but it looks like there's no order at Fanatec.

Do I need to open a dispute at Papal for this?


  • Reach out to Fanatec with the web form or [email protected] They will either complete the order, or refund you.

    This reply will take probably a full week though, or more.

  • I reached out 10 days ago, still no answer. I'm out 700 euro, and no reply / or order info in my account ...

    Is anyone from Endor on these forums?

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