Formula V2 and F1 2020 order

I ordered a V2 wheel and also the F1 2020 PC game key last week, and the availability date for the V2 wheel on the store page was (and still is) June 12th. I know that the F1 2020 game isn't going to be out until July 7, but I was expecting that since it was just a digital code, the shipment for the wheel wouldn't be impacted by the game. I've been checking my order status daily, and this morning the availability date for the V2 wheel on my order status page showed up and is saying that the availability date is now July 24th. I can understand the logic behind why that is happening, but could it be possible to "ship" the products separately?


  • The game won't impact your wheel order, but they wheel date was probably not accurate and they just now have more updated info.

  • i ordered the V2 wheel and f1 game too but also the handbrake. All my orders got changed today to shipping July 24th even though the handbrake shows available right now.

    I hope they can ship out available so buyers can at least get some of the orders they place.

  • If an item isn't in stock to fulfil your multi order, your order won't ship. All of the items need to be in before shipment. If the handbrake comes in but the wheel goes out of stock, the order won't ship. It can end up going into a nasty cycle of items going in and out of stock prolonging the shipment times.

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