DD2 fan constantly running, not registering, crashing driver and fanalab when on

I just got my DD2 yesterday. Had problems connecting the Podium Porsche GT3 wheel but after reflashing the firmware it worked for a bit last night. I turned overtaking off to go to sleep and upon trying to use it agin in the morning I had the same problem. My solution from last night didn't work so I tried uninstalling the driver and all the devices and now when I turn my wheel base on the fan comes on immediately every time and it doesn't seem to register. I read this may be due to firmware within the base being incompatible, but I am unable to change the firmware. It will occasionally register with the control panel or Fanalab, but if the base is on the programs crash, negating me from getting to the firmware manager. I can't even get in to see what firmware is currently flashed, I believe the motor was but that just from a mental image. Pedals are 1.35, but they have had no issues. I'm running the 447 driver. Needless to say I am incredibly unhappy with this experience and haven't found any other forms describing this exact problem. The crashing of the driver/Fanalab when the base is on is the one I really can't find anything similar too. If anyone reading this has experienced this or something similar please reach out. Admittedly this kind of stuff is out of my depth, I'm far more adept at working on cars than computers. Just wanna practice driving so I don't get rusty in the offseason, so waiting for a whole new base to come for several more weeks is not ideal. In a similar sentiment, I submitted a support request but don't think I'll here back anytime soon. With the said, any support/help/guidance that anyone on here could provide me would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

P.S. I have a video of the problem but can't post the file type here so if someone thinks it would benefit them to see it I can email it.

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