PWTS missing pedal adapters - UPDATE

Thomas JackermeierThomas Jackermeier Member, Administrator

We did not ship the first PWTS Pure versions with the pedal adapter and without the pedal cable so several customers could not use the PWTS Pure with the G25 pedals or MS Monaco pedals.

Following Murphy's law, we shipped a pedal adapter to those customers which only works with the G25.

If you have received a PWTS Pure and need an adaptor for the G25 we can supply one immediatly. Just contact our customer service please.

In case you want to connect the MS wheel I am happy to tell you that we solved the problem and currently producing new adapters. They will be sent to us by express and we will ship it to all customers which requested the adaptor for their Pure version. Shipment will take about 1-2 weeks until you get it.


We will send new adapters today by UPS from China to our distribution centers in the US and Germany. We should be able to send them to customers by the end of week 46.

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