Can I use my clutch pedal (hall sensor) as brake on CSL Elite V2?

Leo ZLeo Z Member

The load cell on my pedals set is broken, it started to act erratically then fail to register any input. I would like to keep using the pedals set until a new LC pedal or a new sensor is mailed to me. The only way possible is to connect the Clutch pedal as brake. However that didn't seem to work. Probably it has to be a load cell to work with the connection hub, or maybe the brake port on my connection hub is problematic...

So is there a way to make the pedals work temporarily until replacement parts arrive?

Another question, am I supposed to recieve an confirmation after I submitted my ticket? I can't find it in my Inbox, not in the Junk folder as well.


  • You can simply change the settings in-game and assign the brake to the clutch.

    You should receive a confirmation email, otherwise the ticket has not been assigned.

  • Leo ZLeo Z Member

    I mainly play GT7 on PS5, I don't think I can assign the clutch as brake.

    I'll try to submit ticket again if I don't hear from them.

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