Possibility to reduce Fanatec CSL elite V2 pressure from 65 kg to 45 kg or even lower?

Hello everyone,

I received my Fanatec CSL elite V2 pedals a month ago. I don't have room for a sim rig, but I mounted them under my desk and attached them to the wall. I reattached my office chair to the structure on which my pedals rest. However, this means that I have to adjust my padel braking force to 25%. Otherwise my chair moves too much. However, I find that I have too little movement in the pedal. I would therefore like to see my basic pressure of 65 kg reduced to 45 or even 25. Unfortunately, this option is not included in the included package. Does anyone know if there is an upgrade kit to reduce the pressure from 65 kg to 45 kg or even lower?

I like to hear it.


  • Try taking a look on 3DRap and search for the CSL Elastomer brake mod, they're compatible with the V2 and should help you fine tune the brake pedal travel and stiffness.

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