CSL Pedale

Hello everyone

I have a problem with my CSL pedals.

They initially work perfectly. However, the maximum setting on the gas pedal is adjusted at irregular intervals.

In other words, when I'm playing, I suddenly can't give full throttle anymore even though I'm pushing the pedals down.

The Fanatec software also only shows 100%, but when the problem occurs the max pedal position is only 90%. Then sometimes even less. I've also only had 60%.

I tried to clean everything, but it didn't have the desired effect. Does anyone perhaps have an idea?

Thanks in advance


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    I have the exact same problem (GT DD Pro, stock CSL pedals). I cleaned all connectors all the way from the hall sensor without help. So far I’ve been unplugging and plugging back in the pedal cable, and that seems to solve the issue until the next time I power on the base.

  • I seem to have fixed the issue! It’s still only a few sessions without issues, but I’m hopeful.

    I resoldered all the connections in the sensor board and the relevant ones in the distribution board it plugs into.

    I also strengthened a strong tilt in the sensor cable, but since the symptoms used to get much worse when the outer door was open for ventilation, my guess is that the issue was just a bad solder joint.

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