Damper Kit on brake or gas or both pedals

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i ordered the v3 pedals on BF as kit with the damper kit and the brake perfomance kit. All parts are waiting since end of november for the DD+ arrival.. now, as it is being sent out, i will start to get race ready..

On the Website for the Damper Kit they mentioned, that you can use it on brake, gas or both in parallel..

What do you prefer? My Plan was to install it on the gas pedal and use the brake performance kit on the brake.. Do you really feel the damper kit on the brake, when you already use the Performance Kit?


  • My opinion no damper at all, only BPK to make the brake a little less soft.

    On the gas you can only use very low damper values else it will slow down the pedal to much in my opinion. But with low values you will not really notice the damper.

    On Brake it's can add a bit more usefulness but there in most cases you don't have enough travel to really notice the damper.

  • Hey v1n2. I agree with Psql, you probably only need BPK. There are many reviews online indicating = Damper on Gas, but NO damper on Brake. Gas is subjective based on preference, but since you have it, I guess you put it on and dial in to your liking. For me supplied harder Black spring on gas pedal is sufficient, again subjective.

    On BPK, you can do many variations with it. I like softer setup so I use Red13+Red12+Red13 cut down (instead of PU foam).

    Enjoy your V3!

  • I have a damper on each pedal Gas and Brake AND the Performance Kit.

    Honestly you don‘t NEED a damper on one of them. Performance Kit is all you NEED to meet your preferences.

    If you want to add some immersion to your setup a damper on the gas pedal is enough, but brake pedal might be considered.

    For Performance it strongly depends on what kind of cars you are driving. In rally cars you need fast moving pedals - dampers not recommended at all. In GT & formula cars you could benefit from a damper on the gas to be as smooth as possible when accelerating at corner exit. In road cars dampers on both pedals can be considered.

    In my experience the damper on the gas pedal should be damping as less as possible while on the brake pedal damping can be stronger.

    It takes a while until it‘s adjusted to your preferences and works for you - even in different classes including Rally & GT & Road cars.

  • I bought a used V3-pedalset with a damper on the break, but no break performance-kit. Do you think I should get the BPK and move the damper to the gas pedal?

  • from my POV it depends… what are the typical games you play? What kind of cars?

    Dampers on gas and/ or brake CAN give you immersion and performance if you drive on CIRCUITS with high performance cars with lots of power and lots of downforce like GT3 and Formula 1 because you need small amounts of pressure differences on the pedals where damper are supportive:

    Damper on the brake gives you more immersion and slightly more performance on corner entry.

    Damper on the gas gives you slightly more immersion and more performance on corner exit.

    Dampers CAN give you more immersion while TAKING performance when you drive Rally because you need fast moving pedals.

    A PBK CAN add immersion if you drive Formula 1 cars because these cars do not have much travel for the pedals.

    A PBK CAN add performance if you feel like you are not hitting the right amount of brake pressure in every corner. A PBK will add consistency due to harder parts which do not feel slughish.

  • Thanks for the very detailed answer!!

    For now I will keep the damper on the break. Maybe i will try the other way round in the future...

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