Basic Brake Pedal will just register signal at 50% way since CS DD+

Hey there,

I have the standard basic pedals, brake and gas. When I installed the DD+ I noticed that my brake pedal would only get a signal after it is pressed half way. It will register full brake power at 100% way though. So I basically have just half the way of the pedal that gives out the signal.

Someone suggested cleaning and doing something with the potentiometer, but to me it seems like a software issue, since it was workung fine just an hour earlier.

If I fiddled with the potentiometer, I would need to recalibrate the pedals afterwards, right? But you can't calibrate the standard pedals without an adapter....right?

By the way, I tried some stuff with the Fanatec Software to solve this issue until my McLaren wheel got least it would seem so.

Weeks of waiting -> one moment of joy when the package arrived -> weeks of waiting

Thanks in advance for your help! From what I've read, this community is awesome! :)


  • Have you set a minimum in the driver? or reset the minimum?

  • As far as it is possible to access the standard pedals with the software, yes.

  • Hi Oliver! I have the same problem since gt dd+ extreme. they asked me to return the pedal for repair. (csl pedals, no load cell) and I also think the problem is software. now here I am with my new steering wheel, without pedals....

  • Szia David.

    Ugy gondolom,hogy az en Clubsport pedals V3- nak tonkrement a Load cell.

    Ha neked is ez a problemad akkor esetleg tudsz mondani valami biztatot.

    Megoldodott a problemad?

    Sajnos sehol nem talalok load cell-t.

    Hol tudnek beszerezni?

    A Fanatec weboldalon nincs most ( Junius 1 2024 )

    Ha igen akkor hol?

    Sok kommentben olvasom,hogy a Fanatecnek kell irni.

    Pontosan hova esetleg te tudod azt. ( Costumer Service ? )

    A valaszodat elore koszonom.Szep napot.Zsolt

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