Fanatec Driver 457 Release Candidate for CSL, ClubSport and Podium (all wheels)



  • No. This driver fixes the steering wheel communication freezes on CS DD. Nothing was done (or promised) on P DD because on that base this issue does not happen.

    What you describe sounds like a physical connection issue of the QR and is therefore hardware related and you should contact the support.

  • BWX 232BWX 232 Member

    Had a "lock up" in GT7. GT DD Extreme, Metal QR2 - 457 Driver Firmwares. CSL Elite V2 pedals. Was using sequential shifter at the time.

    Same thing people above are describing.

    Everything locks up for a few seconds and then the wheel recovers. It was working fine for hours before that using higher FFB settings.

    I wonder how likely it is all these people having same symptoms have the exact same hardware fault? It has never happened like this before, ever. Only thing changed is the FW.

    Multiple angles of the bug in vid.

  • This is getting depressing and at the same time ridiculous.

  • BWX 232BWX 232 Member

    It seems like they'd be a little more curious about several people reporting same issues the day after public beta driver and firmware release. The confidence that everything is perfect is surprising given all the issues that could crop up in this situation. I do wonder how many people have to report the same issue before they look into it as a software issue, actual question not rhetorical. Who knows maybe it is a hardware issue but that would seem like a big coincidence.. It doesn't act like a disconnection issue, more like a "lock up" or "freezing" type of problem but i don't know.

  • Ryan YuRyan Yu Member

    So can we start to use the fullforce base on the sound only, like without the game?

  • BWX 232BWX 232 Member

    Wouldn't let me edit post above

    Pretty sure these were my Wheelbase Settings at the time:

    Sensitivity 800,

    Fill Force 0

    FFB 60

    NDP 25

    NFR 0

    NIN 0

    INT 6

    FEi 100

    FOR 100

    SPR 0

    DPR 0


    GT7 FFB

    Torque 5

    Sensitivity 10

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    To the few people who still have problems with disconnections:

    I can forward your reports but we are fairly sure that any kind of freeze on the CS DD is no longer firmware related but is more likely caused by a loose connection somewhere or some faulty component somewhere in the base or no good USB connection or something like that... Or it's the issue of the PS5 console itself which also affects other manufacturers like Gökhan mentioned. So make sure to not use the PS5 rest mode feature and Do not use any kind of USB extension cable. Also from what I read it's best to not use the front USB Port but the back USB Port of the PS5...

    As you can see by the name of the driver download, it was built on 15th April. So 10 days before we released it yesterday. This is because this time we took our time to really extensively test it - on several different bases on several different PCs by several different users, internally and externally. And the result was that nobody experienced any kind of Freezes. The Freezes originally were fixed btw already in an internal test firmware 2 months ago at the very end of February and the people who tested it by the time back then also didnt had any freeze issues anymore. So after now 2 months of really intense testing we felt comfortable to finally release it.

    Therefore to read about freeze issues still happening for some people no longer implies that it just and exclusively the firmware but more likely something hardware related on some bases or some PC configs.

  • Hello, I had the same problem with the missing upshift after the steering wheel upgrade. I was on driver 455 and only wanted the steering wheel firmware from 456 because the weak vibration in the 2.5 steering wheel is fixed there. I then only installed the firmware from the steering wheel. Then the problem started that I sometimes couldn't shift up for 2-3 seconds. I then used the wheel firmware of 455 again and shifting worked again. I mentioned the problem twice in the 456 driver thread, but no one responded.

  • @Markus Strauch maybe our issue is related to the Formula 2.5 wheel ? as i have issue like you more or less, same steering wheel.

  • I had the same issue as people reported but wasn’t sure what was going on. After reading this I know it was the same issue. Daft question….. don’t you test on PS5? In GT7? The video one person posted is in GT and so was mine. You mention only testing on PC.

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    Of course we also test on PS and I never mentioned we only test on PC.

  • Gökhan OgulGökhan Ogul Member
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    And a big difference to Brett Wenzel's/PS5 freezing problem is that the base will automatically reconnect to the PS5 and you can continue your drive. This is not the same as before because if the WQR module is shoting off, you cannot reconnect without restarting the base. Sounds more like a USB or cable issue, or low power on the USB port. So it has nothing to do with the WQR error before this is fixed. Maybe a hardware issue but not the same.

    Tested my Base on Xbox Series X today without any issue.

  • Has anyone had an issue using 457 on anything other than PS5? And then to narrow it even more any other game that GT7. We need to remember that it may be that this issue may have nothing to do with Fanatec.

  • @ james anastasi

    yes I Think this Problem is related to the wheel, because it comes and goes with the Wheel Firmware

  • Hey any update on the WRC wheel sequential shifter issue on PlayStation? Thanks

  • No problem, have you had chance to test with the new GT7 update?

  • @Graham: no update on that issue other than that it's fixed internally and just needs to get merged into the stable firmware branch which can take some time.

  • Hey!

    How is the driver for CSL DD 8NM (mclaren wheel)? :) im on 455 atm

  • Test 457, csl DD on xbox serie x with mclaren gt3 v2 and universal hub v2.

    Acc, Forza motorsport, WRC, all works well.

    Well done fanatec!

  • Just installed 457 on my DD1 (Playstation version) but having issues with The Podium Button Module Endurance with this driver.

    In Acc the triangle button is used to load your setups in the garage but it is not working with The Podium Button Module Endurance with this latest driver.

    If I put my Club sport universal hub V2 on the triangle button works.

  • I just recorded this video

    It shows the issue perfectly.

    It looses FFB and Shifter paddles for a few seconds.

    Then it comes back.

    This happens all the time and completely random.

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    does it maybe help to go back to SW FW which was included in driver 455?

  • @Marcel Pfister

    I will definitely give this a try!

    Thank you,


  • I will try to come back with 455 version of the SW FW. From my memory, with the 457 there is only Base and QR FW, the system tells me SW was OK ( did not remember which version cause I was with a mix of 455 and 456 )

  • I’ve just spent a couple of hours on ACC on PS5 with no issues. I’ve only experienced the issue once on GT7 in around 1 1/2 hours last night but if anyone who is experiencing the disconnects consistently could try ACC just to discount the new GT7 update.

  • I just updated my GT DD Extreme with driver 457 and all display issues were resolved. I see an improvement in FFB on ACC and GT7 on PS5. However, EA WRC still does not work because I cannot validate the X key to enter the game. I will do further tests this evening!

  • Can confirm that it's not related to GT7 update.

    I tested it with GT7 as well as with ACC and Motorfest.

    The same loss of FFB as seen in my Video I've posted is happening in all games.

    I used both of my Wheels, the McLaren V2 with Firmware 47 and my Extreme Wheel with its latest driver 457 Firmware.

    I used every available USB slot, front and rear.

    I also used a USB c to USB c connection.

    Only used the original provided cables, and the Sony USB c cable.

    I also tested it with 2 other Ps5 from my kids.

    The fat ps5 and the new slim one.

    Also tested on all available USB slots.

    No difference at all.

    I tested with completely shut down consoles as well as with rest mode.

    No difference. The results were always the same.

    It never disconnected in menus.

    Only when on race track itself, and mostly under long and heavy load.

    As if the Motor doesn't supply enough power or holding torque.

    It just collapses, only to reconnect again and then it disconnects again at an unspecified point right in or directly after high holding peak Torque periods.

    So to sum it up, it's got nothing to do with cables or ps5 console or rest mode.

    It's definitely a combination of software / hardware issue.

    @Maurice Böschen

    You mentioned you might forward our reports.

    What do you mean by forwarding our reports?

    Anyway thanks for your continuous support

    @Maurice Böschen

    @Marcel Pfister

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    Forwarding the reports means to screenshot them and send them to the dev (which btw currently also thinks its a hardware issue of some bases or it has something to do with the USB communication of the PS5 as also Logitech and Thrustmaster Bases have the exact same issue which would lead to a general PS issue, it has definitely no longer anything to do with the old QR overload issue). However, we are investigating if we somehow can do something here.

  • I also updated 457 fw sw qr but on ps5 g7 with fb at 100 it disconnects immediately!!!

  • even if I put fb at 60 it cuts immediately!

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