Fanatec Driver 457 Release Candidate for CSL, ClubSport and Podium (all wheels)



  • What's the wattage for CS DD+? nothing on the website, box, brochure in the box. like other equipment would have state normal and peak. I'm interested in peak. PSU number will be just max that PSU can handle.

    I'm pretty sure I had a "freeze" on 457 with pushing few degrees past "soft end" or how that simulated end is called. Today I decided to monitor it and be able to confirm if wheel is disconnected and buttons work or don't but, could not replicate it today. never cut off the FFB.

    thinking if freezing could be power related. but would assume breaker would flip...

    I always had freeze before (on 455, 456) at high FFB, never while standing or in menus.

    Did not have much time on 457 to say confidently that freezing is gone. I had few successful days on 455/456 driver/fw mix.

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    @David Livaic I think, currently you have to wait about 1-2 weeks for the support ticket. If you don't want a standard response from the support team, you must send all information about your tests including video and detailed report. You will then receive an RMA number by email with which you can send your CS-DD to fanatec. Then it takes 1-2 weeks until fanatec sent a new or repaired base.

  • Did two more Nations Cup races after I downgraded the QR to 455 and didn't have any issues. Hopefully it stays that way.

  • @logan Ross

    Why would the wheels need usb power when they have mains power, makes zero sense.

  • @Gökhan Ogul

    Thanks on that info good man, I appreciate your response.

    And yes I have described the problem very detailed and did sent them many videos which exactly show the USB Disconnection issue.

    So fingers crossed I'll be back in the business soon enough.

    There is nothing more disheartening for a truly Sim Enthusiast like not being able to do what we love to do.

    Cheers and stay safe.

  • @damion Timmons: Makes perfect sense. MB USB is known to cause odd issues, either power, and/or data handling. Powered USB hubs can help. What makes no sense is ignoring simpler process-of-elimination things that can be tried, and instead jumping right to RMA. Not saying it solves it. Just saying I have my USB act together and don't have any disconnect issues. Everyone is free to try or not try something, but if it were me, I would explore USB issues (Hub, cable) before I started focusing on HW repairs.

  • So im just reading all, i have my dd extreme from thursday update everyting, and in one time the weel is frozen i have to switch off completle and than reboot...

    Try to get457 on it only says no connection

  • Absolutely Logan, usb hubs shouldn't be used full stop for the DD wheels so we can eliminate that issue right now.

    A powered usb hub is indeed needed if plugging lots of peripherals into a single usb port on a MB. However the DD wheel has its own external power so it void .

  • CSL DD 8nm (pc and xbox)

    PC DRIVER 457


    Wheel Base:

    Wheel Base Motor:

    Wireless QR:

    All working great 👍️

  • @Gökhan Ogul

    Sorry back again. It happened again twice in Rfactor but this time it rebooted a lot quicker. It doesn't look like a driver issue. It does the same as if I removed and replaced the wheel with the power still on with the F showing on the GT3 LCD after it has happened.

    I decided to try LMU again; this time I did a 30 minute session at Monza in an LMP2. Twice it happened in the first chicane after I had come out of the sharp left. It also did it at Variante Ascari but then I went wide and hit a kerb which jerked the steering.

    I suspected it is maybe tight turn or fast change of direction related as it does seem to happen from mostly if not all time's coming out of corners.

    I took it round Sebring to rule out bumps and it didn't happen at all in just over 20 minutes there.


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    My DD+ (SN: GR493005***) is still giving me issues. Used on PS5, ACC.

    SW: Formula 2.5

    It worked flawlessly for about 2 months using driver 455.

    After 2 months it started giving me disconnections (NOT physical disconnection USB popping up) just steering with no response such as FFB, buttons, shifters.

    I had to restart the base to make it 'work' again.

    Then i realised this was a known issue and waited for driver 457 to hopefully fix this issue.

    Installed new driver 457 but still having same, but not exact issues as you can see, or at least have an idea, at the bottom of this post URL.

    I loose shifters, buttons, LEDS turn off and if i am not mistaken ffb is reduced drastically too when this happens.

    Now it 'reconnects' automatically though. With the 455 it did not.

    Currently my FW are as follows (457):




    I am trying everything possible to make it work myself without going through the RMA process.

    All connections have been checked thoroughly, no extensions or hubs being used. All with original cables.

    Last Friday i had a race and all went well for 1.5 hours, so i thought its good again...but it wasn't.

    I don't have too much options to try i guess...

    I have not yet tried the WB patch yet ?

    Or maybe use the SW FW from the 455 driver ?

    Or is it time to send in the RMA....



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    hi dear, I just buy Clubsport dd+ f1 wheel, I have 455 driver, I have an issue with the right stick, it validate automatically when I moved left right up down, do you know if it is a software or hardware problem? Sorry for my English.

    I play f1 23 ps5

  • @Omer software 100%

  • Seems to be lots of issues with the wheel when used on ps5 so that would make it the DD+ .

    Might be a good idea to list which ps5 version you have. Original order slim. Disc or disc less. And if you plugged in the front or back of the console.

    I'm using standard digital ps5 and no issues at all. With V2, McLaren and the clubsport hub with r330 wheel.

  • @Damion Tummons

    Standard Disc PS5 (not slim version)....both front and back USB PS5 ports give same results

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    Today i wanted to test the driver 457. When i tried to flash it, the base hangs and i have to unplug the power cable. what can i do?

    FW455, Base DD+, Formula 2.5X

    USB connection established...

    Main Target: Wheelbase Main PCBA

    Firmware file loaded...

    Validating firmware, please wait...

    Waiting Request Update response...

    UpdateRequest response = Wait

    USB connection lost...

    USB connection established...

    SetParameterRequest send failed!

    ERROR: SetParameterRequest failed. Please retry again.

    FirmwareFlash failed!

    > Please reboot Wheel Base and retry update...

  • @omer It's fixed in 457.

  • @Gökhan Ogul The brake pedal works perfectly when I connect it directly to the PC with an adapter. and also works flawlessly with gt dd pro base. I would like to know if this is a software or hardware problem with the extreme base? Because it just doesn't work properly. I made a video about this to make it understandable.

    Also, I made another video about testing the force feedback and the strange sound that I also mentioned.

    otherwise, I don't have a disconnection problem, just this freaky brake problem.

  • I failed to embed one of the links in the previous message.

  • podium button module rally dont recognize by control panel after update faild

    update bmr today,when status to 9%,says usb connection established, please reboot wheel base and retry, but after many time reboot and replug usb to pc.still fail. so i close firmware updater.and ui dont recognize firmware manager, not recognize too

  • Updated from 455 w QR from 456 to 457. Previously had no issues or disconnects w about 8 hrs

    457 update went smoothly, and first hour of running in GT7 was fine, felt good. Did up my force setting 5% on the wheel, as it seemed a touch weaker.

    GT3 podium hub, BME, CSP V3 inverted, SQ1.5, HB 1.5 all functioning as expected (no change in BME issues already noted as not covered by this update)

    S/N GR024011340 ordered 4/19 (BTW S/n posted w/o last digits is not useful for troubleshooting)

    I use a 1m USB3 extender from rear Ps5 ports, original disk edition PS5, along w Fanatec cable

    Always quit GT7 before putting PS5 in rest mode

    Also driver change log has ClubSport DD(+) Base : (NEW) shown instead of which gets installed

  • Hello, I updated one of my DD1s from 455 to 457... everything works fine but there is a noticeable loss of power with the last update. I always used it at 75% strength and I had to raise it to approximately 85-90% so that it remained the same as before.

    Is there any explanation for this?

  • Hi all. After 3 days with the front USB-C of the PS5 slim, no deconections, DD+ works normally. I think there is maybe something with the température ( USB-A on the back are very hot .. )

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    @Raymond xu, @James anastasi thank you very much for your return, how I can install 457? Because in my pc the fanatec panel don't propose me 457 firmware, it says 455 last. And in the fanatec website last driver is 455. Is this 457 firmware an unofficial firm?

  • Unofficial yes. It's at the beginning of this thread.

  • So generally, I am running very very well with DD+ and 4.57. Iracing works great. However, even in compatibility mode, Forza 5 does not always recognize the wheel. Other than that, the wheel has been a joy.

  • @Omer go to the first 'page' of this 'discussion', first post, from Marcel P.

    Read that post and download 457 driver from the bottom of same post.

    And yes, 457 is still not official, hence not on fanatec's main website.

    Cheers :)


    • Radbasis Modell (Produkt-ID): CS DD+ Extreme
    • Lenkradmodelle Gran Turismo Extreme QR2 Lite, McLaren GT3 V2 QR2, Formula V2.5X QR2
    • Treiberversion: 457
    • Basis FW Version:
    • GT Extreme Lenkrad FW Version:
    • WQR FW Version:
    • McLaren Lenkrad FW Version: 47
    • PS5 mit Gran Turismo 7 und ACC

    Beim GT Extreme Lenkrad gehen die LED's willkürlich aus, leuchten nur teilweise oder gar nicht mehr. Eingestellte Farben werden nicht übernommen. LED's an den vier "5-Wege-Joysticks" leuchten mal in weiß, mal in rot, entweder alle 4 oder manchmal nur auf der rechten Seite.

    REV-LED reagiert auch nicht immer, mal komplett weiß oder rot, Flag-LED funktionieren auch nur sporadisch.

    das McLaren und Formula Lenkrad werden überhaupt nicht erkannt, Weder beim austausch bei eingeschalteter Basis noch nach dem neustarten der Basis mit aufgesteckten McLaren oder Formula Lenkrad. Bleiben "tot", keine Reaktion im Display. Auf ener DD GT Pro aufgesteckt funktionieren die beiden Lenkräder sofort und einwandfrei.

    War auch schon das Problem beim Treiber 455, Wheel Base FW, WQR FW

    Das Problem, das auf einmal gar nicht mehr funktionierte, hatte ich beim Treiber 455, seit dem 457 ist es in ca. 10 Spielstunden nicht mehr aufgetreten.

    Support Ticket wurde eröffnet

    Viele Grüße


  • LED issues of the GT Extreme wheel are known Firmware issues to be fixed in the future.

  • Is someone gas noticed the less of power with 457 (as Jonathan Blanco said) ?

    Do you think that "less power" means " less informations " on the wheel and it would be the solution for the freeze ??

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