F1 2010 hands-on with a PWTS

The guys from SRT had a chance to play an early alpha version of F1 2010 of Codemasters.

In order to  play it properly they decided to bring their own equipment:

  • Porsche 911 Turbo S wheel
  • RennSport Wheel Stand

Andy from Codemasters mentioned that they will support our wheels and in fact I am in contact since several months with that team.

I personally like the apporach they make by trying to deliver a sim or racing game for all target groups. It is certainly not as flexible as rFactor Pro but it looks much more fun to me.

The deadzone in the game is a bit of a concern but it is normal if they optimized it for controllers on that version. I love the fact that they adjust the performance of the teams to the actual performance of this season.



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