PWGT3RS to PWGT3RSV2 upgrade kit - UPDATE

We decided to make all the new features and upgrades of the new V2 version available to existing customers of the 911 GT3RS V2.

As this is a major upgrade it is required to make some fundamental changes on the wheels. The following components need to be replaced:

  • Inner structure of wheel rim with new paddle shifter buttons
  • Clubsport Paddle Shifters
  • LED display cover
  • Wheel rim PCB
  • Base PCB
  • Base button PCB with cable
  • Main cable wheel-base
The on-off switch cannot be upgraded.

In order to upgrade, the wheel must be almost compeltely disassembled. You can see how it works in the video below (big thanks to Patrick!).

Please note that we will not give any warranty if something is damaged during the rework of the wheel. It is sold as "spare parts". 

We will offer this kit as a stand alone kit for 40 EURO / USD. This is our cost price and we consider this offer as service.

If you are not a big DYI fan you can also send us the wheel and we will make the transformation for you. We have service agents in Germany and California.

The price of the service is 30 EUR / USD plus shipping costs in both ways.

In order to minimize the waiting time we want to organize and schedule the upgrades. Therefore we collect all orders first and then arrange production of the upgrade kits.

Please be patient as it can take several weeks until we can ship those kits.

If you are interested to upgrade your PWGT3RS to V2 please send an e-mail to [email protected] with exactly this text:


Subject of e-mail:

"PWGT3RSV32 upgrade kit"


"I am interested in purchasing a kit to upgrade my PWGT3RS to V2


A) I want to make the upgrade by myself

B) I want to send you my wheel and use the upgrade service"




We will then send you an invoice with payment and shipping instructions. We can only accept PayPal payment for this service.

It is probably the first time that a company has offered such a service for such products and I hope that this makes you feel confident that you made a long term investment with your purchase.

You can be sure that we are always trying to offer new add-ons, new firmware, new drivers and even electronics not just to fix issues but to deliver a better product with more and more useful features. 


UPDATE: Roy made a very detailed tutorial for the upgrade. It is now attached to this post. Big thanks to Roy!






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