PWGT3RS V2 upgrade kits delayed - UPDATE2

We received the first batch of upgrade kits but unfortunatly our supplier forgot to include a lot of important parts so that we cannot ship them.

We are now negoting how to get those missing parts asap by UPS but it seems that we run into the same issue as before that our supplier has no export license to export electronics independent from a wheel shipment (which is by sea). Stupid bureaucracy all over the world...

I will keep you informed.

PS: We also try hard to get more products as it seems that we definitly have a shortage of wheels this year.



We are still having problems to get the upgrade kits out of China and it is getting back and forth with our supplier. I just wanted to let you know that we are working hard on it but have no confirmed shipping date yet



We finally arranged shipment of the upgrade kits and they will leave China by UPS next week. You can order the upgrade kits from next Monday.

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