PWGT3RS V1 -> V2 upgrade kits available- UPDATE 2

We just listed the upgrade kits in our Shop.

You can order two versions:

1. With installation service

2. Do it yourself kit

Please note that the shipping cost will be added and it will be quite different as we calculate the freight cost of a wheel for version 1.

All customers who pre-ordered their kit need to place this order in the webshop and make the payment. The previous e-mail is not enough to receive the kits.

Unfortunatly we do not have enough kits to fulfill all pre-orders so please order them in time in order to catch the first delivery.

The kits will be sent from China this week by UPS but it will take some time until they are ready to ship to you.

UPDATE: There was another small delay as the cables we received did not match. We now received the correct cables and will ship this week (week 50).


Finally we have the kits ready and will ship all open orders this week. I apologize the delay but many things went different than expected. If we have enough kits avaiable we will bring it back into the webshop again but for now we only ship the orders we have.


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