New Xbox Wheel? New Xbox Wheel ! - Hint 9

After getting so much positive feedback I don't want to dissapoint you and let you know that something nice is on the way.

We actually developed  a new Xbox 360 compatible wheel and it is even on the way to USA and EU right at this moment.

Let me be mean and don't give you all the specs and pics right away. I will post several hints until you get the "full picture".

Hint 1: It is again the top of the line product at Fanatec

Hint 2: Just like the PWTS Pure it will be offered as a standalone wheel as well as in different bundles.

Hint 3: It is not orange and has no yellow stripe in the middle of the wheel rim

Hint 4: It is licensed by a German sports car maker (surprise, surprise!. But don't worry this will not make the wheel significantly more expensive. Just more beautiful. (Hint inside hint: Nobody guessed the correct model yet)

Hint 5: It will have illuminated buttons and that means...?

Hint 6: The logo of the car shows a black horse

Hint 7: One component of the wheel can only be made in Italy and another one we get directly from the UK

Hint 8: The colour of the base is named after something which is 1000 times faster than the car itself

Hint 9: The car model is no longer in production but will never look old or lame

The first three members who post a picture or link of the right car in the right colour will win this wheel!

Competition is closed! Thank you

Note: I found such a picture with Google.

(Only one guess per user allowed from today Sunday 28th of Dec. It is not allowed to edit a post. I will announce the winners on Wednesday)

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